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Today’s Women’s History Month’s Warrior is none other than DC’s backwards-speaking sorceress Zatanna! Zatanna Zatara first appeared in 1964 in Hawkman and jumped around a few of DC’s biggest books in search for her father, Giovanni Zatara. The search culminated in Justice League of America #51 where she found her father and she then spent the next few years helping out the League on various cases and was elected to full membership in 1978’s Justice League of America #161 and has been a regular fixture in the DCU ever since.

For years now, Zatanna has been a power player in the DCU. Along with Justice League membership, she has the magical ability to weave between DC’s brands; she was featured heavily in Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic series in Vertigo, and was one of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory. She gained some heavy notoriety about a decade ago, when it was revealed that she mind wiped Doctor Light after he raped Sue Dibny, and Batman when he tried to stop her. She also used her magical lobotomy skills on the original Secret Society of Super-Villains as well as Catwoman! For awhile there the question wasn’t who she mind wiped, but who she didn’t!


One of the coolest things about Zatanna is that she hides in plain sight, by that I mean she is a stage magician by day and a bad-ass spell casting superhero by night! Just imagine David Blaine saving the universe in between his Vegas shows and TV appearances. She knows all sorts of magic, but is most famous for her backwards-speaking spells, which sounds lame, but many writers have used this in really inventive ways. Hell, once she had her vocal chords magically cut, so she wrote spells backwards in the sand to save the day.



Overall, she is one of DC’s biggest assets and while used heavily in the comic universe, she also has shown up in their video games, TV shows (Batman TAS, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, and Smallville and will most likely pop up in either new shows Constantine, Gotham, Arrow, or The Flash within the next year) and is rumored to be a major player in Guillermo del Toro’s Dark Justice League feature film. Her relationship histories with both Constantine and Batman have been some great stories as well with Paul Dini (who basically married real-life Zatanna; Misty Lee) writing one of the best Zatanna/Batman arcs in his run on Detective about 5 years ago. In the New 52 Zatanna is a member of the Justice League Dark, but after the current Forever Evil storyline it’s rumored that she’ll move up the ranks into the flagship Justice League book, where I’m sure she’ll shine!


Ekoms dna srorrim!

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