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Carol_The_Grove-630x418What’s up Evil Geeks.  Normally I like to jazz up these intros to get you all hyped up to read about something you just watched within the past few hours, but damn this was a rough episode.  Honestly though, we were due for a doozy like this episode, not much has happened this season aside from the survivors being scattered about.  With everyone out in the open and on the run, there were bound to be some casualties, but WOW I wasn’t expecting the events of The Grove.  Let’s get to the reviewing.

For the life of him, Tyreese just couldn't figure out why the lyrics to "Pump It Up" were suddenly stuck in his head.

For the life of him, Tyreese just couldn’t figure out why the lyrics to “Pump It Up” were suddenly stuck in his head.

About 15 minutes into the episode I remember saying out loud “Man, I really wish these kids would just hurry up and die already. ” Both Lizzie and Mika were incredibly annoying, but it’s hard not to regret that line by the time the episode ends.  Lizzie’s unspecified psychosis seemed to make her a bleeding heart “Zombies are people too!!!!” advocate and at the same time also made her a stone cold killer.  She feels for the zombies, but she feeds them live mice without showing an ounce of remorse for the mouse.  I thought that was kind of a stretch for a character.  I realize that in life few things are ever clearly cut along the lines of black and white, but Lizzie seemed to be going to extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Maybe I’m a bit too unsympathetic, but when Lizzie was in the middle of her “You killed my FRIEND!!!” hissy fit after Carol killed the walker she was playing around with, was I the only person who wanted to slap the shit out of her?  WAKE UP STUPID! IT’S TRYING TO EAT YOU NOT BEFRIEND YOU!!!!  Conversely, Mika started out being incredibly grating due to the lack of a mean bone in her body, as Carol described it.  We know you think that deer are cute and I know we’ve got canned peaches back at the house, but you know what would go great with those peaches? A HUGE GOD DAMN VENSION STEAK!!!!  We’re f#$%ing starving to death out here, save the niceties for when we’ve got full stomachs and when we’re not running for our lives.  Again, maybe I’m being way too hard on these two kids, but in this world it’s adapt or die.  Nice people aren’t equipped for survival in this world, so you either toughen up or you get eaten.  Having said all that, it was still heartbreaking to see each of them go. Mika eventually became the more level-headed (and likable) of the two characters, but just as she began to command that role, Lizzie stepped in and cut her life short.  She made the adaptation to the post zombie world, however it was no guarantee for survival.  Even before she killed Mika, Lizzie was already beyond redemption.  She could not adapt to life in the new world.  Lizzie couldn’t process the constant trauma she was faced with on a daily basis and as a result her sense of reality was warped.  Obviously killing Mika was the straw that broke the camels back, but Lizzie was gone even before then; that event was just what brought Carol and Tyreese out of denial over Lizzie’s mental state.


In defense of Carol offing Lizzie, she really didn’t have any other choice.  She’d done everything she possibly could have to equip both of those girls with everything they would need to survive and while it may have been enough to keep them alive physically, she couldn’t get Lizzie to mentally adapt to her new surroundings.  Carol’s idea of going off alone with Lizzie would never have worked, not just for her and Lizzie, but for Tyreese and Judith as well.  If she and Lizzie struck off on their own, how could Carol ever sleep safely? There would be no way to keep Lizzie from killing Carol in her sleep if Lizzie ever had another psychotic episode. Also, how far would Tyreese be able to get due to lack of sleep from caring for an infant, or how long would it be before Judith’s cries eventually attracted zombies or even worse, other humans?  In a world where danger is an omnipresent force, Lizzie having another breakdown induced murder spree would’ve been almost certain.  On top of that, her affinity for playing with zombies could’ve gotten the entire group killed.  Lizzie was the person feeding rats to the zombies at the prison through the fence, a factor which certainly played a part in why the prison is now uninhabitable.  If she’s constantly attracting zombies as pets, then eventually the group would’ve been overrun.  Having justification doesn’t make Carol’s actions any less shocking. Just look at the flowers Lizzie… BLAM!

TWD-413-Tyreese-560-325x200  Just when we thought we had all the jaw dropping moments we could handle, we get the final scene between Carol and Tyreese where she comes clean about killing Karen.  After the children’s deaths, I knew there was no way Tyreese would kill Carol in response to her admission, but I thought Carol might be the one to take her own life after finally having all the death she can handle.  I think killing Lizzie was a wake up call for her in that she finally realized that she didn’t NEED to kill Karen or the other guy whom she killed, the flu would’ve taken care of them anyway.  She was able to rationalize that act by telling herself it needed to be done, but now that she killed Lizzie, someone for whom any other option aside from death would leave the group vulnerable, she realizes that the killings at the prison weren’t justifiable.  Further complicating things is that Carol is now seeing firsthand what the effects of her acts at the prison have had on Tyreese.  He still mourns the loss of his newfound love, which just heaps more grief on Carol’s shoulders the more she sees it.  I’m glad Tyreese found it in himself to forgive Carol, but I thought for sure Carol wouldn’t be able to forgive Carol and that she would’ve turned the gun on herself.

WHEW!!! That certainly was a heavy episode Evil Geeks, although to be fair –  I don’t think it’s really possible to have an upbeat episode of a series where people are constantly being killed off in horrific ways.  Next week though it looks like we’re getting back to the story of the Glen/Tara/New Characters group as well as the story of Darryl and his new pack of “Friends”.  Stay tuned for another Zombie Round Up when all is said and done!

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  1. Gah, this episode!! Goodness, TWD.

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