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If you’ve followed our website, then you know both our love and our disdain for Hollywood. Seriously, as a comic fan for most of my life I on one hand love the fact that comics/superheroes/nerds have invaded our everyday culture while at the same time I kinda miss the old days when a real comic fan could “smell their own” simply by dropping a reference to adamantium.

Anywho, the reason for my post today has to do with our Adamantium-laced friend Wolverine, and the actor that’s made me believe in the Canuck, Hugh Jackman. Mr. Jackman was pretty much and unknown actor when the original X-Men came on the scene and when I saw that first scene of him fighting dudes in the cage I remember looking at C-Mart and saying “Fuck Yeah!” because it was believable! X2 brought us what we all craved, Feral Wolverine and a look at his adamantium-bonding origin (although a little hazy, but still cool.) From there Hugh took off as an actor and starred in some big movies like Van Helsing (awful,) and became a song and dance man on Broadway. From there he played with the idea of not doing Wolverine anymore but then came back for the cry-fest known as X-Men: The Last Stand. After that he redeemed himself in The Prestige and played the whole “I don’t know if I want to play Wolverine game” before returning to the role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which had it’s moments, but all in all kinda sucked.



From there we all thought that the X-Men were done for and overused. Nolan was kicking ass in Gotham while Marvel was moving forward with their own universe when X-Men First Class came on the scene and included a Wolverine Cameo that captured the essence of Logan with three words; “Go Fuck Yourself” which was just awesome. After those three words, Jackman wanted to do Wolverine again and began working with Fox which eventually turned into this past summer’s “The Wolverine,” which was pretty good up until the wacky third act. Either way, Jackman made me believe in Wolverine again.



Now we all know that we’ll see Logan (and just about everyone else whose been an X-Man) this summer in Days of Future Past, but before the movie is even released we’re already hearing the chatter that Jackman thinks this is the last time he’ll play the character, yadda, yadda, yadda. Meanwhile, Bryan Singer is already planning a follow-up to DOFP with X-Men:Apocalyse and Fox green-lit a sequel to The Wolverine based on the gross from this summer’s film. Recently, someone on Twitter asked James Mangold when he planned to make the Wolverine sequel, and he pretty much said after the Apocolypse movie.


Sooooooooo, here is the big question to all of you Geeks out there. Should they re-cast Wolverine? Personally, I don’t think they can and make me believe it because in my mind Jackman is Wolverine, but on the other hand I kinda get where good ‘ol Hugh is coming from, he’s in his late 40’s so how much longer can he keep it up? But they re-cast Spidey, Batman, and even Superman in the past few years. Well, yes, but the first two heroes always wear a mask, and lets be honest, whether you liked Man of Steel or not, Cavill is 100 times better than Deadbeat Dad Superman. What do you think? Should they start fresh, or should Jackman give us one more Wolverine? Personally, I hope that Fox just gives him whatever he wants and then they make “The Last” Wolverine movie, kinda like an Old Man Logan-type of story (but without Spidey, Hulk, or Hawkeye.) Then wait ten or so years and leave the character alone. How about you? Got any ideas? Any Wolverine stories out there that you’d like to see done as the last one? Let us know in the comments.



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  1. AGREED! Just give the man his money!!!

  2. They have to keep Jackman as Wolverine! There is no better man to do the job! When the people see Hugh, they see Wolverine!

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