Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Olivia Dunham

Welcome to another installment of our month-long celebration of the most bad-ass women fiction has to offer! Today’s honoree has a story that’s shall we say, multi-dimensional? If you haven’t seen the dearly departed show Fringe (which aired on Fox), please go Netflix it right now and kiss the next 100 hours of your life good-bye as you find yourself tumbling down a sci-fi rabbit hole that you wish would’ve gone on for at least a few more seasons.  I’m probably going to spoil some stuff, so if you haven’t yet watched, then ye be warned of upcoming spoilers.  Olivia’s story is so complex and bizarre, that it’s going to take two days to tell both sides of her tale. Today I’ll be talking about our universe’s version Olivia Dunham and later Arthur will be filling us in on the story of Fauxlivia, the “other side” version of Olivia.

How much of a bad ass is Olivia you ask? Well for starters, she was an up and coming FBI agent who’d managed to make quite a name for herself and that was even before she started taking on “Fringe” cases, involving strange and seemingly impossible crimes. Think of the absolute craziest, most intensely fucked up and twisted thing you think a scientist could cook up in a lab…then figure that she probably handles about two or three cases a week just as, if not way more screwed up than what you just thought of. What you’d call your worst nightmare, she’d call “Some shit I had to get done before lunch at work today.” On top of dealing with that, she’s also one of the people responsible for caring for caring for a batshit crazy scientist named Walter, who is helping her solve these odd cases because he is in fact directly responsible for some of the technologies being used to commit the crimes that Olivia and the rest of the Fringe Division investigate.

olivia-dunham-picture  When you think FBI agent, you’re probably thinking she Olivia’s spending her days at work poring over the tax records of suspected drug lords or catching bank robbers and their nefarious ilk. Olivia’s handling stuff WAAAAYYY bigger than all that. Her job entails figuring out how to catch criminals who can create a virus that seal up all of the orifices on your face or turn you into a giant, pissed off, mutant porcupine.  On top of that pile of strangeness, she’s not only taking on baddies from our dimension, she’s also dealing with super-beings from the future, invading our universe and shaping history for their own agenda. The invaders, known as the Observers, aren’t going to go without a fight.  In her crusade to stop the threat, Olivia would go so far as to freeze herself in amber (Han Solo style) and basically hibernate for 20 years in order to deal with the Observers in the future.  The bald baddies end up learning the hard way that Olivia is also not one to go without a hell of a fight and eventually with the help of the rest of the Fringe Team, she is able to make sure that the Observers would never come to be.  That’s right, you screw with Olivia, you get erased from existence.

Fringe Olivia DunhamIf all of that doesn’t completely establish Olivia’s credentials as a certified bad ass, she’s got one more weapon in her cabinet. Thanks to some science experiments conducted on her as a child, Olivia has developed the ability to jump to different dimensions. She’s like a sexy Nightcrawler without all the blue fur! Unbeknownst to Olivia, Walter Bishop shot her up with a drug called Cortexiaphan, while she attended a day care center as a child which was actually just a front for a science experiment run by Walter and his partner in scientific crime: William Bell.  The drug imbued Olivia and several other children with special abilities.  Most of the other kids in the experiment didn’t adjust well to having the abilities; some of which had to be tracked down by Olivia in the course of investigating Fringe cases.  Olivia was the exception though and was special enough for Bell to want to start a utopian society of animal people with Olivia and Peter Bishop as his Adam and Eve (The finale to season four was REEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLYYYYYY trippy).  While we here in the Evil Lair are absolutely in favor of creating freaky animal people, at this time we’re not prepared to be the ones to set that up. We really don’t do well with cleaning cages. We are however prepared to offer Olivia Dunham today’0s place of honor during our tribute to Women’s History Month Warriors!

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  1. Olivia and FAUXlivia. Damn I miss Fringe.

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