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I was thinking back to the super speedy way I devoured Battlestar Galactica for all of your reading pleasures earlier this year (and beat Biff in our race to the finish with our missions), and I started thinking about who would be a good role model for all of us women from the show. I realized there really wasn’t anyone that came to mind as perfect. Maybe that is why that show is so attractive in so many ways: the characters are all a little flawed, no one is perfect, but many have admirable qualities we might want to look up to in certain ways. And of all the female characters in the show, Starbuck probably stands out the most as deserving a nod this month as we delve in to female warriors for Women’s History Month. 


Kara Thrace, more commonly known by her call sign Starbuck, is one of the central characters throughout the series. She is introduced initially as a cocky, strong, and no-nonsense sort of person. And she definitely defies any label she might get being a woman. Kara is the best fighter pilot on the entire ship, and being tasked with training newbie pilots many times she is quite a tough cookie when it comes to the standards she sets. They are just shy of perfect on many occasions.


Starbuck is also a survivor. When the odds are against her, she is the one individual that will find a way to escape or survive. In one episode she is hit by a rogue Cylon Raider and her ship crash lands on an alien planet. Given only a finite quantity of oxygen in her tank to live off, Starbuck is able to find the downed Raider that she brought down with her, and her adaptability enables her to pilot it alone back to her base ship.

Of course, (cough-cough-spoiler alert), for those of you familiar with the show you might be a bit miffed by my comment that Starbuck is a survivor. She shows everyone she is even capable of surviving an explosion of her entire ship when she miraculously comes back from the dead a couple episodes later. However, it is later revealed that she was not really a survivor, but instead an angel sent back by the gods to help the human race and cylons work together towards species survival.

you better stay out of her fracking way

you better stay out of her fracking way

Kara Thrace has her down moments too: she can be violent, stubborn, unforgiving, too cocky, and has a tendency to drink too heavily. She also is one of the most unfaithful wives you could imagine, which again is an example of her constant role defiance. She is not exactly who you would think would have affairs again and again. But her stronger qualities make her a woman to remember from this series: persistent, intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and is beyond courageous.

with the perfect sense of humor!

with the perfect sense of humor!

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