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You all know how much Lilith admires Princess Mononoke. She was my Avatar after all, until the geeks gave me my own sweet comic book image. But Princess Mononoke was my first Miyazaki film, and it will forever hold a special part in my heart. While I love the imagery and creatures beyond believe, I admire Mononoke above all other characters in the movie. She and I are kindred wolf warriors and I am pleased to spotlight her on today’s Women’s History Month Warriors post.


Princess Mononoke, also known as San, is a feral child. What is that? While my recent listening of World War Z on cd makes me think of insane children trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, a feral child is simply one who has lived without human contact from a young age, and often times in fiction they are instead raised by animals. I wanted to find out how many feral children have been depicted in fiction out there, so naturally turned to the source of all quick information: Wikipedia. There were 13 accounts of boys being feral children, and only 5 of women. Of the women, wolves raised 4 out of the 5 even though that ratio was not nearly as common in boys raised by animals. And that is exactly how San was raised: by wolves.


Not only did wolves raise her, but she was brought up in a sacred forest, one that has a mighty Forest Spirit visit it every night. San’s human parents were actually killed by Moro, a wolf goddess, after she discovered them damaging the forest. But when the parents through their infant at the wolf as a sacrifice to save their own lives, Moro decided to show mercy on the child and instead raised it as her own alongside the other two wolf pups she had.

Princess mononoke photos3

San embraces her new family and ends up being a fighter for the forest. She takes it on to her own shoulders to try to protect the forest and all its living creatures in it. Mononoke is compassionate, smart, agile, fearless, strong, and a little bit temperamental at times. But she definitely fills a role many women should admire.

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