The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 3: Treachery


Welcome back children of the North to another edition of The Vikings! With all that happened last week, I could barely contain myself in wait for this week’s episode and the return of my favorite shield maiden Lagertha, mainly because she seriously needs to get back to us and Bjorn as well. Things don’t really feel the same without them, but at least we still have Ragnar and Rollo, even though they aren’t on the greatest of terms at the moment. Rollo however, seems to be getting a shot at some sweet, sweet redemption and finally being able to stretch his bones and swing that huge axe again into someone’s invading face. I can’t wait to see it. With that said, let’s get right into it. Vikings! Shield Wall!!

Our little review at the end made me remember how serious Athelstan has become. I would never have called that he would get to this point, although I had always hoped. We start the episode with our Vikings rolling up in Wessex, spying a church while Athelstan explains what sort of community it is. We see King Ecbert letting us all know that he always knew the Vikings would show up eventually, and tells us a tale of his previous encounters with Northmen. He definitely seems like a more worthy opponent than most of the other Christian adversaries that we have encountered so far. The king of the first season was a bitch compared to this guy. This could potentially lead to something wonderful…BATTLE!


Finally, we get to see what Lagertha is up to, and I immediately hate this guy who she is married to. I don’t understand why she married him, as he just straight up backhands her. This guy better get fucked up real hard, real soon. Bjorn better gut this asshole. We come back to Ragnar and his men sneaking into the town, but unfortunately they are spotted from a watchtower, and it seems like we are finally going to get some more bloodshed. YES. Our Vikings make short work of the town defenders, but shit seems slightly off…I don’t like the look of this, but I do like the look of that shield wall. If any time in my life I get to form up with a bunch of Vikings like that, it will be the single greatest moment of my life. When I have kids, they will understand.They can go to school, hear the other kids talk about their fathers being made manager or partner or doctor, and my kids will say their father formed up in a shield wall while taking over a town in Wessex….trump card.


I love the look of absolute glee that Ragnar shows right before opening the door. It just looks so devious and happy. Floki steals the screen again, as usual, and we finally have some treasure to unlock, thanks to Athelstan. His knowledge of Christian culture is really making him useful to our merry band, even educating Ragnar in some Christian lore, which doesn’t seem to sit too well with Floki. He is a staunch supporter of the Norse pantheon, and I don’t blame him. Ragnar is really just using it for knowledge in terms of knowing your enemy. It’s the same thing I would do. Our scouts seem to have located another hidden stash as well, this time people hiding in the floorboards. Unfortunately for them, mercy is not in the Norse language. Athelstan meets some monks, and Floki decides to meet them too, which I fucking love. He’s so menacing but comical at the same time. It just makes it that much more terrifying to everyone else. We get a bit of priest abuse in the form of target practice, and Athelstan seems a bit uncomfortable with it. I can kind of see why, but he had to have known it would be coming. Ragnar spies a boy hiding in the corner, and instead of bringing him out or killing him, he tosses a blanket over him before walking back and seeing the priest torture. It doesn’t sit well with him either. Are we seeing a sort of crisis of faith? I hope not. Ragnar is a good man, hopefully its just him being a bit more civil than the rest. Athelstan gives the priest the last rites before he finally and mercifully dies.


We come back to Lagertha and a giant that appears to be Bjorn who has grown into a goddamn monster in the past few years. He lets Lagertha know that he misses Ragnar sometimes, and said she should too. He hates her new husband just as much as I do, and I hope my earlier request gets granted. Oh, and here we have Aslaug finally giving birth to Ragnar’s son. His eye is all jacked up, and her prediction in the previous episode came true. He has a snake eye, and even names him Sigurd, like the legendary Norse hero. How touching, but I still dislike her very much so. What can I say, I’m biased towards Lagertha.  Based on the little preview we got before the commercial, it looks like Jarl Borg is going to be the one attacking the town where Rollo is, and I hope that Rollo buries an axe in his chest. Borg hasn’t really done too much to piss me off, but Rollo needs the redemption badly, otherwise he’s liable to stay in misery and reclusion for the rest of the season. King Ecbert lets us know that he somewhat sacrificed the town the Vikings just raided in order to test and locate them. This guy is a real asshole, and he’s going to make a great antagonist. Floki doesn’t really believe that Athelstan has truly taken Odin and relinquished Christ, and messes with him a little bit. Ragnar finally lets us know what is the true treasure of this land, and it is the land itself. He’s thinking of moving everyone here, as the land is fertile, and he is a farmer and farmer’s son. He could feed everyone and not let his people succumb to poverty.

vikings treachery

We finally see what Jarl Borg is up to, and its apparently getting married. He tells us a sad tale of his first wife who was poisoned by his brother an hour after his first marriage. What a sweet wedding gift. He swears vengeance on Ragnar and Rollo, and decides to head over there and take shit over while our boys are off raiding. This is going to get interesting. Rollo better step it up and get his axe arm stretched out. He’s going to need it soon. As we get back from commercial, a sort of parlay is taking place with messengers being sent out to Ragnar and his men. I fucking love the way Ragnar deals with people. It’s like a mix of genuine mirth and amusement at other people’s ways. It’s fantastic. Travis Fimmel really does a good job as him and just seems so comfortable in his role. He lets them know that Ragnar isn’t someone to mess with, and says if he doesn’t want more people to die, he should let Ecbert know to eff off….before Horik slices a guy’s throat and chops him up to little bits. Lagertha’s new husband is a real dick. Nobody talks shit about Ragnar. Bjorn lets him know that he wants to go live in the mountains and find out what it’s really like to be a man, and his step dick doesn’t seem to agree.

rollo defending

Siggy finally makes her return to the episode, and lets Rollo know that some ships are heading towards town. Rollo says to rally all the capable people, and be ready to defend. This doesn’t look good. It’s all old men and Rollo. This is going to be brutal. Siggy wants to fight, but Rollo tells her to take Aslaug and the kids up into the mountains. I am sort of reminded of Helms Deep right now. Old men and women and children running. The despair is growing. I don’t see how this could be good for anyone, unless Rollo somehow finds a way to make a deal with Jarl Borg, or somebody else shows up to help somehow. Everyone is running away as the ships inch closer and closer to the town. Borg looks pissed, and he’s ready to assimilate anyone and everyone……see what I did there. Aaaaah you got it. Rollo forms everyone up, and its time to get down to business. Come on Rollo, you got this. And the battle is on. Arrows are flying and Rollo is murdering everything in sight, as is Borg. This is fucking nuts. There’s an old guy who is just going to work on some guys, and it seems like they are being run over. Rollo and Borg finally meet, albeit somewhat briefly. This is intense. Rollo says to fall back, and there are a lot of bodies on the ground. Borg’s men give chase, and this doesn’t look good for anyone. Let’s hope some arrows can even out these numbers a bit. We come to a brief stalemate as both sides lie in wait. Borg starts making threats, as more arrows are loosed by Borg’s men into the crowd. The old man tells Rollo to go protect Ragnar’s kids, and Rollo seems to agree. He leaves, and the rest of the people are killed. He, along with Aslaug, the kids and Siggy leave for who knows where, and Borg is pissed. So much death and destruction this week, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Borg walks into the great hall and looks around at his new abode….he seems to enjoy it. The preview for next week shows us some serious shit, as Ragnar and Ecbert seem to have a civil sit down…in a hot tub….where all business deals should be made. This week’s episode was monstrous. With the town taken over, Ragnar out raiding, and the return of Lagertha and Bjorn, this week was just full of amazing Viking goodness. I know I say this every week, but every week it just becomes more true and true…this show is amazing, and I simply cannot wait until next week. Till then my kinsmen and kinswomen. For Ragnar! For Odin! And for Asgard!!

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