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I am probably not the most appropriate person to be writing about Jean Grey’s alternate ego, as I have confessed before that I am not an avid comic reader. I have however read a couple X-Men comics. And yesterday Kang was able to bring you a wonderful depiction of Jean Grey. Today I want to follow up with one of my favorite female characters from the X-Men, Grey’s other personality “Phoenix”. And thanks to the interweb I can talk about more than just the movies that I have come to love.


I was surprised to find that the Phoenix first surfaced in 1976. Before then Jean was known by the codename “Marvel Girl” and was the only regular female in the team of X-Men. She was sadly also one of the weaker superheroes, but all that changed when her telekinesis and telepathic powers were pushed to the limit: she purposefully exposed herself to deadly levels of radiation in order to safely land her fellow X-Men’s shuttle back on Earth, only to be reborn as “Phoenix”. This new character was a Jean Grey with incredibly magnified and concentrated superpowers, and though I am sure some comic-geeks out there know better than me, she might just be the most powerful mutant ever in this new role.


Of course, having powers stronger than a god can be overwhelming, and that led to Phoenix embracing her inner goddess to become “Dark Phoenix”. As the Dark Phoenix Jean became a being of total destruction. She was so powerful that she was able to consume the energy from an entire star, though in the process ended up killing all of the inhabitants of that star system. A touch of Jean slips through then, and she realizes that she must be stopped, so Dark Phoenix kills herself in order to save the universe from her destructive tendencies.

Yup, even though I have not read those comics I did actually know the storyline, and to this day many comic book fans think it is one of the most classic comic book stories of all time.

Of course, even death can’t stop the amazing Phoenix, and she comes back in several newer lines of comics. But my experience with Phoenix is alas not with comics, but instead with movies. The more recent Marvel X-Men movie series modified the original story of Jean’s resurrection, but that is where I first fell in love with Phoenix. Jean Grey is smart but doesn’t realize her inner potential, but when she is reborn as Phoenix she transforms in to an all powerful Level 5 mutant- if there was a higher level I am sure she would be a Level 10. And not only does she embrace her inner strength, but it’s always nice to see a woman get a little of everything she wants. Yes, seeing poor Cyclops get obliterated was sad, but pursuing a more deviant character like Wolverine seems like something Phoenix would do.


Throughout X-Men: The Last Stand Phoenix is in my opinion the most desirable character. She’s beautiful, smart, and can control anything she wants to with her mind. And she has a little hint of being uncontrollable and unforgivable. Of course, just like in the comics it can make you a little cocky having more power than anyone else in the universe. But sadly at the end of the movie a sliver of Jean Grey peeks through again, and while she does not kill herself she asks Wolverine to kill her for her, so that she does not continue down the path of world annihilation.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, I just had to write about Phoenix as I agree with many comic book reader’s sentiments: Jean Grey is great and all, but just does not come off as strong as a female character as we all want her to be. Turn her in to the Phoenix and we can look up to one of the most prevailing women of all time, one that I will look up to as a Woman Warrior forever.


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