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Agents-of-SHIELD-1x15-Yes-Men-22Welcome back Evil Geek S.H.I.E.L.D. bearers! Remember back in the not too distant past when everyone was all like “Wow, this S.H.I.E.L.D. show is slow-moving”? It seems the second half of the season has stepped up its game quite a bit and now we’re getting big happenings in every episode.  This week was certainly no different, as we get a genuine super-villain, a big time Asgardian straight from one of the recent Marvel flicks, and a bit of a surprise at the end.  Let’s not waste any more time vamping, wheels up in 5!

MING-NA WEN, BRETT DALTON, IAIN DE CAESTECKER Right off the bat, we see that Fitz has been hard at work in the lab further developing the technology employed in the formerly named “Night-Night Gun”.  From now on we’ll be calling them Icers, mostly because that sounds way freaking cooler than “Night-Night Gun”.  Has anyone else noticed how much background emphasis is being placed on the Icer tech? They made a point of talking about it in the first episode; the resolution of which the gun played a significant part in.  They also made a point of telling us that Centipede has stolen the technology already and are equipping their people with it. Then again this episode, it becomes integral to the story as Fitz has perfected his initial design and has created Icers of various shapes, sizes, and strengths.  I’m wondering if this tech is going to play a key role in the story later on in the show or maybe even one of the future movies.  Can you imagine an Ultron equipped with an Icer? Although the heavier weapons in the Icer armory emit an EMP which could backfire on the robotic baddie.

portrait_uncannyAbout that super-villain I mentioned earlier, it turns out to be Lorelei, the younger sister of the Asgardian bad girl known as the Enchantress.  If you’ve seen Thor 2, you’ll remember when Kurse busted out of Odin’s prison, he freed a bunch of imprisoned baddies in the process.  Among the escapees was Lorelei, who has powers akin to that of her older sister.  She can enchant men and bend them to her will.  She’d been muzzled in the prison, preventing her from using her powers, but in the escape, she managed to get it removed.  Lorelei has now come to Midgard (that’s Earth to all you non-Asgardian folk), to escape the reach of Asgard and stake out a kingdom of her own.  Hot in pursuit of the beautiful villain is Lady Sif (better known as Jamie Alexander to you Midgardians), who just might be harboring a little grudge against Lorelei ever since she got her hands on Sif’s man and “enchanted” his brains out. Lorelei doesn’t stop with all the man stealing there though, once she’s here on Earth she gets Agent Ward under her control, who then takes her to Vegas for a long night of “enchanting” broken up by trips to the roulette table to get free booze while they gamble. While Ward is under Lorelei’s control, he happens to mention that he did have feelings for another woman whom he worked with, but we find out that he wasn’t referring to Melinda.  Lorelei tells this to Melinda while they are duking it out on the Bus, hoping to get into May’s head.  When all is finished and Ward has come back to his senses, May says that she doesn’t care about Ward’s fling with Lorelei or about the admission of feelings he made, but it’s obvious that on the inside she is heartbroken. Hoooooo boy, is Ward ever in the doghouse. Hopefully Ward and May weren’t splitting a room aboard the Bus, because otherwise…AWKWARD. I’m thinking the obvious choice for who Ward has the hots for has got to be Skye. I doubt well get a curveball thrown at us and we find out he’s all hot and bothered over Simmons.

Someone’s going to be sleeping on the couch in Fitz’s lab for a while.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what’s going on with Skye and Coulson this episode? They had some pretty heavy stuff go down last week, with Skye nearly dying and Coulson finding out that whatever they used to bring him back from the dead and Skye from the brink of death involved the juice extracted from the upper portion of an alien (possibly Kree?) corpse.  Skye is up and seemingly healthy with no side effects from the serum, but Coulson still feels guilty for not telling her where the stuff came from.  He’s wrestling with the decision and ends up confiding in his trustworthy old pal Melinda. Yup, good old May. Solid as a rock that lady. Nothing but truthful and honest all the time. Eventually Coulson tells Skye about the alien and much to his surprise, her reaction isn’t shock or panic.  Coulson’s on the verge of losing his shit when he’s telling Skye about the alien that he saw in the facility last week, but isn’t phased by it one bit.  It’s all part of the other weirdness that’s come into her life since joining with Coulson, so she basically feels that unless it becomes a problem, I’m just not going to worry about it.  Coulson on the other hand is freaked right the hell out by the thought of alien tech running through his veins.  He makes a promise to Skye that they will hunt down whoever is responsible for creating the serum no matter what, protocol be damned.  When Skye says something about telling the others, Coulson says that they should keep it secret.  Coulson is going rogue and man is it badass!  It’s Coulson UNCHAINED!!! He knows that if he mentions his intentions to the S.H.I.E.L.D. brass, then he thinks they’d shut down his operation. MAN is he ever right to suspect that, because it turns out that Melinda has been playing Coulson the whole time.  She secretly reports to some unseen superior that Coulson knows about what’s going on. WTF?!?!  She was the one who was supposed to be the most trustworthy person on the team; Coulson’s old friend!  Who is she reporting to? Is it Victoria Hand? Maria Hill or Nick Fury? Could it be Centipede?!?!  Looks like we’ll have to wait at least another week for that reveal.  You can always check back here though after every new episode for an in-depth discussion of all things Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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  1. At one point Sif said she had to take Lorelei back alive under Odin ‘ s orders. But at the end of Thor 2 Loki was impersonating Odin. Was it really Loki trying to get his girl back? What do you think?

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