Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has lived a colorful life in the Marvel Universe. Introduced as a private detective in the early 2000’s Alias series by Brian Michael Bendis it was difficult to not take to her immediately.


She’s funny, self-deprecating and damn good at what she does. As the series begins we get hints at her former life as a costumed hero, it’s this part of her past that seems to act as a catalyst for some of her destructive behavior. It’s easy to root for her because she’s out taking cases that mirror the real world and helping everyday people cope with the heinous crimes committed in their life. All the while working to better herself.

Towards the end of the series Jones’ super hero past is revealed. It’s psychologically disturbing but when we finally get to see her face up to it it’s incredibly overwhelming to watch. She accepts her past and in doing so is able to close that chapter in her life. Bendis originally had wanted Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman for the comic but was denied and in doing so created a new character and so beautifully tied her into Marvel’s rich history at key moments throughout her life.


Today, Jessica Jones is more important than ever as she’s set to anchor one of the four Marvel Netflix original shows, making her the first solo female in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to headline her own media property.

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