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Happy Tuesday my geeky followers, how is women’s history month treating you? Hopefully our month long foray is really showing you how great strong female characters can be. Today I am going to spotlight a woman who goes above and beyond breaking social norms set in place for her. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is sadly lacking in many female characters, but luckily for us the few that there are could easily be classified as stellar woman warriors.  Éowyn, a noblewoman from Rohan, proves this during the battle of Minas Tirith.


Éowyn is first introduced in The Two Towers when Aragorn and company travel to Rohan in an attempt to start rallying troops for battle against Mordor. There he meets Éowyn who was taken in by the king when her parents were killed at a young age. Because her father was killed by orcs, she spends much time learning swordplay and skills for battle even though it is frowned upon with her being a woman.


The Lord of the Rings not only lacks female roles in quantity, aside from elves, women in this series are expected to fulfill standard “womanly duties” like cooking, cleaning, and tending to the injured in battle. Fighting in battle is not acceptable behavior for a woman. So Éowyn is told time and time again in The Two Towers that she cannot ride in to battle or carry a sword like all the men she admires. She is also rejected by Aragorn when she admits to him that she has fallen for him.

tumblr_lv45cimRhT1qci0cso2_500But Éowyn’s inner warrior stays proud and true to her believes, as she disguises herself as a man and rides in to battle with the armies of Rohan. Not only does she prove herself as a proper soldier in battle, she destroys the Witch King’s dragon. An old prophecy foretold that the Witch King would never be killed by the hand of a man. The Witch King, leader of the ringwraiths, had a lot to be confident about as it was, but when facing Éowyn in battle he thought it audacious that any man would battle him one on one with the prophecy predicting their failure. It is in that moment, as the Witch King boasts about the soldier’s inability to kill him as a man, that Éowyn embraces her inner female warrior and reveals that “she is no man”. And with more strength and courage than most men then defeats the Witch King once and for all.

Now if you read the books (or watched the extended version of the movies) you might know that while Éowyn is brave, strong, and deviant, after her accomplishments in battle she no longer has any desire to continue being a battle warrior. Instead she embraces healing the world after such a terrific war between good and evil, and becomes a healer and grower. Beautiful, talented, strong, brave, and not afraid to change, Éowyn is a great woman warrior.tumblr_mb12plM8pC1rg1bseo1_1280

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