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It is that time again Evil Geeks. That time when the freely roaming undead get nice and corralled, it’s Zombie Round Up time! Last week gave us a deep character study centered around Darryl and Beth.  Each of them kind of hit their respective rock bottoms, then decided that the past was exactly that; in the past.  After a quick spiritual dose of Redneck B Gone, each of them symbolically said good-bye to their old selves and embraced the new apocalypse-ready survivors that they’ve become. After focusing on only those two for the whole episode, you can’t help but wonder what about the rest of the scattered group? We haven’t seen some of them in a while, so it’s definitely time to check back in!


It’s Bob, Maggie, and Sahsa’s turn this week as we spend most of our time with the three of them in varying subgroups.  Even though they agree to stay together, Maggie sets out on her own one night as Bob and Sasha are sleeping. She asks them not to risk their lives for her, but they decide to follow her.  Bob is a seemingly a brand new man in this episode as we see a bit of his lonely origin story. Before being found by Darryl and Glen, then heading to the prison, he was wandering the zombie wasteland, basically a living zombie himself as he goes through the motions necessary to stay alive.  He’s preventing himself from death, but there just seems to be a distant, detached look in his eyes that betrays those actions.  Even though he just went through a massacre, he seems upbeat and optimistic in spite of the recent horrors because this time things are different for him.  Before he was completely alone, but since coming to the prison he’s learned the value of having others around, so as long as he’s not solo he believes he’ll be fine.  Bob knows what it’s like to be all alone because he has been exactly that, unlike Maggie, who’s taken for granted the fact that she’s always been in a group.  She takes off alone not knowing the value of a group, but soon realizes that she will never make it to Terminus to reunite with Glen without getting by with a little help from her friends.  Sasha seems to be the only one of the group who doesn’t want to follow the maps to Terminus. She holds out little hope for Tyreese being alive, so instead of trying to be a larger part of the community, she’d rather find a defensible shelter and hunker down.  She even goes so far as to let Bob go on without her while she remained behind. Her plan to carve out a life alone lasts about thirty seconds as the sight of Maggie in distress is enough to get her out of her hiding place. The trio is seemingly inseparable because despite Maggie taking off alone, the three are eventually reunited and back on their way to Terminus.

Feat-Stills413Even though we spent the whole episode with them last week, we still spend some time with Beth and Darryl this week.  After their cathartic drinking session last week, the two are increasingly aware that they each need the other one in order to stay alive.  Even though Beth is really young, this being the rural South and all, she and Darryl seem to be getting close… REALLY close.  There’s some kind of romantic tension brewing between them and neither seems opposed to the idea of just letting it happen.  Unfotunately, just as they’ve solidified the bond between them and come to terms with the fact that they need each other, they are separated. Not by choice either. As they are one the run after narrowly escaping the house they’d been occupying, Beth is seemingly kidnapped by an unseen assailant who speeds off without having been seen.  Darryl attempts to give chase, to no avail however as he is unable to track the car.  Darryl is now all alone, but before he can even reconcile that fact, he is immediately stumbled upon by the group of men that Rick had been avoiding a few episodes back.  They didn’t seem like they were on the up and up, but they seem to take a liking to Mr. Dixon. For all he knows Beth is dead or worse; having some extremely unpleasant stuff being done to her before being killed.  Could he be falling in with these not so good guys as a reaction to her loss? Darryl’s always been seen as a bad boy, now that he thinks Beth is dead maybe he’s going off the rails?


As it stands before the start of the episode, out of the five different groups of survivors (Rick/Michonne/Carl, Darryl/Beth, Tyreese/Carol/Kids. Glen/Tara/New People, and Maggie/Bob/Sasha) two of the groups are headed for the supposed sanctuary of Terminus. Am I the only person who’s immediately suspect of a town called Terminus? That’s very ominous sounding for it to be a happy place.  We’ll find out if it’s safe soon enough because as of now 4 groups of survivors are on their way to Terminus, as Maggie’s group are headed that way and eventually we see Glen pick up the trail as well.  I’m really, really wary of the whole Terminus thing, but I suppose our protagonists really don’t have many other options at this point.  Could it be that the shady dudes Darryl’s hooked up with be from Terminus? It’s possible, but I’m more willing to be that they’re the ones who took Beth.  Or could both be true? Maybe the supposed haven that’s being advertised is just another Woodbury; a seemingly nice town with an evil dark side, undulating just beneath the surface.  I’m sure we’ll be finding out one way or another. With only three episodes left, let’s hope we find out before the season break!

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