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S.H.I.E.L.D. is back from it’s hiatus and man… this show is finally starting to heat up! This week we saw some shit! You may recall that Skye was dying at the end of the last episode and was inserted into a hyperbaric tank. Does she make it? Read on to find out…


OK, the show opens with Skye in surgery and the team waiting helplessly. The docs tell them that she isn’t going to make it, but Coulson doesn’t want to believe that since he knows a thing or two about coming back from the dead, so they board her on the plane and head to a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in Bethesda. He gives Fitz and Simmons his file to figure out how they brought him back. May is so angry about the situation that she damn near kills prisoner Ian Quinn (the man who shot Skye,) but is pulled off by Coulson. Quinn tells them that he shot her because the Clairvoyant told him to do so and that the Clairvoyant can see everything, except how Phil really came back to life. So is this all happening because of little ol’ Coulson? You best believe it!


While Coulson and company are trying to save their team member, S.H.I.E.L.D. wants their badguy and orders them to bring Quinn in for questioning, but they choose to ignore that order to get Skye to the doctors that saved Coulson. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s none to happy about that and sends a team in after them to extract Quinn while their mid-air in the BUS. Bill Paxton gets on board playing Agent Garrett, who seems to have some ties to Phil and is Ward’s ex Commanding Officer to boot. Garrett’s been chasing Quinn a long time and lost some men in the process, so he’s ready to walk him off a short cliff to begin with, but Coulson convinces Garrett to let him hold onto Quinn until after Skye is saved, because if she dies, then he dies in Phil’s mind, which Garrett seems to understand completely. Garrett and Quinn exchange words and he rubs it in that his men were killed in the field tracking him down and tells them that now the Clairvoyant will know exactly how Coulson was brought back, since they knew that he’d do anything he could to save Skye…they’ve played him the whole time!


Fitz and Simmons turned Coulson files upside down and found more questions than answers and finally had to hack into a S.H.I.E.L.D. database to figure out what happened to Coulson. Seems he was never in Bethesda to come back from the dead, but rather a place called the “Guest House” with a mysterious medicine called GH325.

The team heads to The Guest House which is a fortress inside the side of a mountain face. Coulson, Ward, Garrett, and Fitz head in and try to tell them about Skye and her need for medical attention. Inside the Guest House is empty with the exception of 2 guards. The ask them a question and await for the countersign, but the good guys don’t know it so they can’t get in. Luckily Coulson doesn’t have a problem making his own door with some explosives! As the team breaks in to the facility, they are ambushed by the guards, but make short work of them and go on a hunt for GH325. Coulson talks to one of them, who seems to recognize him, he tells Coulson that the base is rigged to blow. Fitz and Coulson search for the cure, while Ward and Garrett try to disarm the bomb. Racing against the clock, they can’t disarm the bomb, but use some of it to blow the doors and escape. Fitz and Coulson find GH 125 in a Biohazard container and it is literally glowing green. Ward comes to get them and Coulson spots something, so sends the two out and tells them to get the medicine to Skye ASAP…tucked at the back of the room is a door with T.A.H.I.T.I. written on it!

Ward and Fitz get out and Garrett goes back for Coulson and when he finds him he is shaken and looks like he was run over by an emotional truck. When he comes back to reality, he says that they can’t give Skye that medicine and they race out! During the whole episode Skye was crashing and Simmons was keeping her barely alive, when Fitz and Ward get to them, Fitz tells her to give Skye the medicine. Coulson and Garrett get back on the BUS just in time and Coulson tries to stop them from giving her GH 325, but he’s too late. Her vitals start to come back and then she spikes like she’s going into an epileptic seizure and then she settles down and she stabilizes. At this time the bombs go off and the Guest House is destroyed.


Garrett and Coulson go to see Quinn, Garrett makes a scene about how the Clairvoyant can’t see everything and that no one was there waiting for them, and now all of those secrets are buried under tons of rock. I can’t help but think that Garrett is a double agent, or maybe the Clairvoyant himself, just the way that he was boasting. Who knows, but in the end May asks Coulson why he wanted to stop them from administering GH325 to Skye, and we get the big reveal, we get to see what Coulson saw in the room marked T.A.H.I.T.I.! The room was filled with a bunch of tubes, going into different vials. Phil finds the one marked 325 and traces the tube back to a chamber that has the corpse of a large blue alien in it literally cut in half, with the tubes coming out of the lower half of the body! Who is the alien? Blue skin tone made me think Kree right away, but maybe Atlantian? I bet Namor is covered under the Fox contract that gives them the rights to F4, so it makes more sense that it’s a Kree with GOTG coming out this summer. Either way, he keeps all of that to himself and just tells May that he didn’t want her to suffer.


The last bit before the shows end shows a woman walking into a desert who comes upon some newlyweds, she speaks of Midgard, so it’s safe that she’s an Asgardian. She tells the man to take her somewhere, but he doesn’t want to leave his wife. She asks him again and he become a mindless robot obeying her every whim. We find out that this is Lorelei (who is the little sister to Marvel baddie Amora, better known as The Enchantress!)

OK, things are heating up. Next week, Lady Sif shows up to kick some Asgardian ass, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks this show ties directly into The Winter Soldier!

Later internet!

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