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Greetings again all you geeks out there swooning for another woman warrior, today I bring you another girl that could easily be an Amazonian warrior. I apologize ahead of time to Arthur for bringing up a film that horrifies him, but the daughter of the Omaticaya’s clan leader is too strong a force amongst women for me not to give her a share of the spotlight this month. Neytiri was in some ways born in to power, but she never lets that get in the way of becoming the best warrior, teacher, friend, and lover of life that she can. She is definitely not a spoiled princess.


We don’t get a lot of details divulged about the typical life of a female Na’vi, but Neytiri appears to be quite an accomplished clan member. She does once bring up some other female clan members as great singers, hunters, etc. But Neytiri seems well skilled in many activities that we only see male Na’vi performing on most occasions: she has her own banshee that she flies, she rides horses in to battle, she is a skilled hunter, and she is a great translator. She is tasked with teaching Jake Sully the ways of the Na’vi, and while she is reluctant she proves an excellent guide. It is probably a reflection of her skills that Jake so quickly proves himself as a warrior for he Omaticaya.


During her training of Jake and the battles with the humans we realize that Neytiri is kind, brave, loyal, and wise. She does have a bit of a temper, and she is a bit rebellious, but she has great foresight and makes many choices placing other’s well being before her own.

Neytiri really embraces her inner warrior during the battle of the Tree of Souls. Ewya realizes Neytiri’s potential and helps her by sending a thanator her way to ride in to battle, and even though she thinks she is a more skilled flyer, she really does a stellar job as a warrior on the ground. I love the battle between Quaritch and Neytiri at the end of the movie. Yes Jake does get involved, but Neytiri is really the strongest one in this battle.


Aside from literally being an astonishing warrior, Neytiri seems to be a great judge of character. She realizes there is great potential in Jake, and in the last scenes when his human body is suffocating their connection leads her to find his dying body and save him. Despite their massive differences in appearance as she looks down at his puny human physique, she knows that this is still the Jake that she loves, and can get past their physical differences a lot quicker than most Na’vi probably could.


While I mentioned before that Arthur did skew my original love of this movie a bit, I would look forward to a future sequel to the first if only to enjoy more of the elegant and admirable Neytiri.

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