The Evil Geeks at Genericon 2014!

newheader1Hey there Evil Geeks! This past weekend we stopped by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY to check out their annual Genericon.  It’s a basically a comic con without the comics, but still packed with all sorts of geeky goodness.  It’s an intimate get together celebrating anime and gaming (both video and table top), with vendors bringing you all kinds of crazy Japanese candy and soda, cool geeky t-shirts, and assorted anime items.  I personally have eaten more Pocky this weekend than any human probably should.  Even though it’s a smaller get together, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t tons of cosplay! It’s mostly anime characters, but of course wherever there is cosplay, there is sure to be at least one Deadpool cosplayer! Check out our pic gallery:

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