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When approached about writing for “Women’s History Month Warriors”, I knew I had quite the arsenal of comic book, ass kicking superheroines to choose from, but Black Canary, to me, exemplifies what it truly means to be a warrior. Since her first appearance in August 1947 in Flash Comics #86, Canary has definitely earned her spot in the ranks of these women warriors. Dinah Drake first took up the mantle of Black Canary (in one of her ever-changing origin stories, however, this is the one that makes the most sense) because she wanted to become a police woman. Naturally, back in the day, this was frowned upon, and she was essentially told to get back in the kitchen and make a sandwich. But Dinah wouldn’t take that as an answer, and decided to set out to make a difference, police force or not. Oh, yeah, and she does it all while wearing heels and fishnets, and with the metahuman ability to deliver a powerful super sonic scream.  If that doesn’t scream (hah, see what I did there?) bad bitch, I don’t know what does.


Later on, the mantle of Black Canary was passed on (once again, ever changing origin stories aside) to Dinah Drake’s daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, who donned the fishnets and became an even bigger bad ass than the first Canary.  She helped form the Justice League of America, and later becomes the JLA Chairwoman, which in my opinion, is pretty cool. But, Black Canary’s greatest ability lies in an area where no League member has dared to tread before.GREEN_ARROW_BLACK_CANARY_1Yup, Dinah Lance manages to tie down Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow.  IGN even ranked her #81 on their Top Superheroes list, for her amazing super ability to be “able to get Green Arrow to shut the hell up.” Despite Ollie’s various shortcomings, dozens of illegitimate children and affairs, a failed stint as Mayor of Star City, and his tendency to pick up children with psychological issues (one heroin addicted ward, one illegitimate child with anger issues who later becomes a monk, and a former child prostitute who tested H.I.V positive) , Dinah still manages to remain patient with GA and sticks by him through thick and thin. She even raises Ollie’s “kids”, despite the fact that none of them are hers by blood. Super wife and super mom are just two additional titles we can give to this ‘Bird of Prey’.


She’s skilled in a ton of martial arts, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and a bunch more, which she learned under the tutelage of none other than Ted ‘The Wildcat’ Grant, and is even trained in some ways of the Amazon, by her good friend Wonder Woman. She even goes to Themyscira in order to retrieve Ollie, who was kidnapped by the Amazons (if you want to see that hilarious debacle, please read the Wedding Special…I promise, you’ll have a good laugh at Dinah’s badassery and Ollie’s lack thereof). I’m glad that nowadays we’re seeing more of this rad lady, who was featured prominently as the ‘den mother’ to the Young Justice team on Cartoon Network’s Young Justice, and more recently, on CW’s Arrow.

I’m glad she’s finally getting the love and attention she deserves. To me, Canary represents the model woman. Intelligent, strong, and with a great sense of fashion. Well, except that one time…

80s_Black-Canary…except that one time in the 80’s. It’s okay, Dinah, it happens to the best of us. Just stick to the ‘nets, and you’ll be fine.


Written by Undies Of Wondy

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