Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Dana Scully

The X-Files was one of my favorite shows growing up. And while I will admit that teenage Lilith had a huge crush on Fox Mulder, I also admired Dana Scully for many reasons. While there are more and more women entering the science fields these days, there is still a gender gap with regards to many aspects of those fields. While I don’t want to bore you all contemplating Scully’s salary, I will say I very much admire this woman’s strength, intelligence, and success. FBI Special Agent Dr. Dana Katherine Scully is one tough cookie that anyone would love to have as their partner.


Now while many of us watching The X-Files really wanted Scully to be a believer like Mulder, Scully’s character is just as loveable because of her perpetual embracement of science. She is one of the smartest female characters ever portrayed, maybe rivaled only by Hermione. And she finds ways to explain almost every case Mulder and her investigate with some plausible scientific explanation.

Gillian Anderson 2-1

Scully is not only intelligent, but self-sufficient. Any time the duo encounters a body in their investigations she uses her medical skills to serve as their official forensic pathologist. Pretty much anything the pair needs to get done, Scully will either do it herself or find a way for them to accomplish it. And she’s physically strong as well. In order to be an FBI agent you have to prove that you can keep up physically as well as mentally, and Scully passes this test time and time again.

One of the complicated aspects of Scully is that despite her obsession with science, she is also a devout Catholic. It is a bit odd, and while I am an atheist myself and find her believes bizarre, it does add some complexity to her character. I think that what it really reveals is that despite her resistance to “believe” in the supernatural and aliens like Mulder, she is someone who is very loyal and has a lot of faith. To me it’s like she has qualities of the disciple Peter, “The Rock”, who despite having some doubts or denial is made a person more likely to persevere because of that deep rooted faith.


Many women who watched Dana Scully growing up will attest that she was a wonderful female role model. I am proud to spotlight this heroine as a woman warrior this month, and just want to say we need more female doctors, FBI agents, and women who “lean in” in general out there.

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  1. One of my fav shows to this day!

  2. This just set my week off to a good start! I was, and still am, a little in love with Scully. Though I love Mulder as well, I always felt that his character was fairly static throughout the run of the series, whereas Scully has such a beautiful arc from complete skeptic to complicated believer. Thanks for the post! I need to pull out the DVDs and go through all the seasons again!

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