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Do you kids remember when the first Matrix movie came out? I remember being in high school and getting to see the movie on the big screen. There was huge hype about the movie, and almost all of the trailers showed parts of the opening scene: a girl in a black leather trench coat soaring through the air to avoid bullets and using a combination of boots and guns to crush her opponents in to oblivion. What most of us did not know at that time was that Trinity is more than just an ass-kicking, sexy in leather woman. Trinity plays such an important role in the movies and I feel she deserves a spotlight as a woman warrior this month.

Trinity's signature move, the Double Eagle

Trinity’s signature move, the Double Eagle

Trinity spends the majority of the time in the films being a bad-ass side kick. She is one of the strongest of all the fighters in the rebel group fighting the machines. But we realize she will have an important role later one when she reveals that she is in love with Neo at the end of the first movie, effectively bringing him back to life with that love and a kiss. That doesn’t sound too warrior-like, but it is a nice play on role reversal. Think about it. In all the classic fairy tales out there a prince kisses the sleeping princess and awakes her from her slumber or brings her back from the dead because of it. Here we have a woman playing the role of the prince, and she resurrects Neo with a kiss.

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Throughout the following movies Trinity not only saves her teammates asses several times being the most competent fighter, driver, and pilot of them all, she also is Neo’s soul mate and inspiration. What I find unique about Trinity is that in many ways she is not a woman of classic beauty. So many movies will put actresses with stunning locks of hair, gorgeous curves, and sensual lips in the lead roles, wanting to highlight their looks more than their talents or intelligence. In many ways, Selene from The Underworld Series played by Kate Beckinsale, is the same character as Trinity only with the more accepted Hollywood looks.


In contrast, Trinity is thin (and not curvy), angular, has short hair, thin lips, and when you see her outside of the Matrix her wrinkles and bags under her eyes really stand out. She doesn’t wear make up in the real world, and in the Matrix embraces a more simplistic, almost boyish look at times. Yet in Neo’s mind nothing could be more beautiful or desirable than this strong and powerful woman.

Thank you Trinity for helping save the world from the machines and being such a wonderful woman warrior.

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