Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Buffy Summers

We know you all love our month long adventures, after all Brovember and Novembeard were huge hits. So I am happy to tell you that March is going to be another of your favorite months this year! March is Women’s History Month, and this month we geeks are going to do our best to bring you a daily female spotlight. Heroines and villains alike, it’s all about strong women characters this month. A month dedicated to our favorite ballbusters and femme fatales, what’s not to love?


I probably have to give credit to Joss Whedon for a lot of women we will talk about this month, but I am going to start with a real ass-kicker: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know my faithful followers know that I have been reliving this phenomenal show recently, and I think our main character from this show is the perfect woman to spotlight as our first woman warrior this month.

Buffy Anne Summers, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in Whedon’s original 1997 TV show, was once just an ordinary teenager. Actually, to be more accurate she was probably just another obnoxious, shallow, popular, cheerleader wench of a teenager. But that all changed when she was informed that she has been chosen to lead the fight against the forces of darkness. While a lot of teeny-boopers might have scoffed at this and walked away, Buffy ends up embracing her new role and becomes one kick-ass slayer. Of course this results in her becoming an outcast, but in the TV show that doesn’t seem too bad considering her gaggle of outcast friends that join her inner circle.


When you read about how Whedon decided to create Buffy you can easily understand why I chose her to be our first spotlight this month. Whedon was tired of the typical horror film female character being able to do nothing but scream or get killed. He wanted to create a new powerhouse of a role for a woman, one that was strong and victorious. He succeeded with Buffy and many others.

Buffy tries to embody what every female warrior aspires to be: strong, beautiful, tough, and she even tries to juggle in a normal life in to the mix. I think the only downfall of Buffy is that she wants to be self-sufficient and continually tries to avoid accepting help from her friends. Aside from that, Buffy is triumphant again and again. Death won’t stop Buffy either, she comes back from the dead twice! If only Buffy was still around, she’s ten times a better role model for girls today compared to Kristen Stewart. But Buffy will always be around for those who knew her, and she will always be an iconic female warrior in our minds. Thanks for setting the standard so high Buffy.


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  1. Fun Fact: Buffy’s personality was largely influenced by Kitty Pryde who geared up and took on Dracula.
    Every one loves SMG, this show started when I was in middle school and very impressionable, Buffy- especially the early seasons were really amazing. Even if you didn’t want Buffy’s responsibilities, you at least wanted to raid her closet. 😉

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