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abraham-eugene-rosita-the-walking-dead-season-4-amcIt’s Round Up time, Evil Geeks! After last week, we now know what happened to most of the main players from the prison and at the end as a bonus treat, we got to meet some new characters.  Well, for anyone who’s read the comic they’re not ENTIRELY new. It’s Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene!  Hopefully they’ll play as large a part in the show as they have in the comic (and aside from that, it’s nice to see some new faces on the show after we lost a few back at the prison).  Of course, since things on the show don’t always stick to the story of the comics, will these new faces be friend or foe?  Let’s find out!

FRIENDS!!! For the most part… despite some fisticuffs.  Despite their somewhat hostile introduction last week, Abraham and his crew take in Tara and the wounded Glen.  We see that the trio are no strangers to killing zombies, as Abe quickly dispatches an encroaching crowd when we first see him this episode.  The trio tell Tara that they are on their way to Washington to help end the zombie plague and that Eugene has been in contact with some bigwigs in our nations capital via satellite phone, but that he hasn’t heard from them in a few weeks.  Once Eugene gets to D.C., he assures the group he has the ability to end the undead menace.  Overall the three seem trustworthy and helpful, however once Glen awakens he’s not that jazzed to find out that he’s on his way to Washington.  His heart is dead set on finding Maggie and immediately demands that Abe stop the truck to let him out.  Abe tells Glen that he’d be better served by sticking with the group and heading to D.C. because he can’t survive the trip back to the prison alone.  Unable to convince Glen to stay, Abraham tells him that in all likelihood Maggie is dead and even if she weren’t the odds of him ever finding her again in this world without phones or internet are nearly non-existent; a statement which causes Glen to slug the clearly physically superior Abraham in the face.  As the two men are tussling, nobody except for Eugene sees the approaching zombies.  Here’s something you may not know about Eugene: he apparently learned to use a gun at Stormtrooper school, because he couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn if he were firing a god damn cannon.  The barn he’d be unable to hit, but he sure bullseyed the hell out of the trucks gas tank as he tries to fend off the zombies as the more talented marksmen are busy with the fist fight.  With the truck left inoperable, everyone decides to follow Glen back the way they came as he searches for Maggie.

Back at the house where Rick, Carl, and Michonne are staying, Michonne is still learning to slowly trust others and open herself up to them.  She and Carl strike out to search the surrounding houses for supplies and being the inquisitive youth that he is, Carl starts asking Michonne about he past when she lets it slip that she used to have a son.  At the same time she mentions her child for the first time to anyone else, we also find out that Carl has zero tolerance for any processed cheese based humor as an attempt by Michonne fails to get a laugh the increasingly emo teen. The two become closer and closer as the house search goes on, helping to bring each of them out of the emotional coma they seem to have been in since the prison battle.

The-Walking-Dead-ClaimedNot wanting to miss out on the new friends fun, Rick makes some new acquaintances of his own.  Most unfortunately, Rick’s new pals are significantly less friendly than Abe and his crew. They’re well armed, not seemingly friendly to strangers, and oh yeah… Already in the house by the time Rick hears them.  The following sequence can only be described as the Rick Grimes tribute to the Mark Brothers and physical humor as he frantically tries to avoiding tipping the visitors off to his location.  He first hides under the bed, then he darts comedically from room to room in an effort to avoid detection until he accidentally stumbles across one of the men in the bathroom taking a dump.  After dispatching the ruffian Rick manages to slip out of the house and eventually is able to warn Michonne and Carl just as they are returning to the house.  Later on as they make they way farther from the house, they stumble across a map similar to the one Carol and Tyreese found, letting them know that there is a sanctuary in the vicinity.  This trio is on the same track as the Neo-Brady Bunch consisting of Tyreese, Carol, Judith, and the other two young girls from the prison; none of them suspecting that they are headed for the most awkward reunion EVER!  Rick banned Carol from the prison for murdering Karen and another one of the flu infected residents of the prison.  Tyreese is completely unaware of the fact that Carol killed his love interest. Will Rick rat her out to Tyreese or will the fact that Judith is alive thanks in no small part to Carol be enough to cut her some slack?  Who knows, but DAMN I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen!

the-walking-dead-promo-claimedTonight’s episode was another reminder that zombies are by far not the thing you need to worry about in the world of The Walking Dead.  In fact, the greatest danger in this universe is other people and trusting the wrong ones can get you killed.  Glen and Tara lucked out when they met up with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. They found people who are not only trustworthy, they also see the value of having other people in their group.  (Although SPOILER ALERT, if you’ve read the books then you know that trustworthy might not be the best way describe one of the members of the new trio as they have been fibbing a little bit as to who they are. END SPOILER!) Rick on the other hand runs into the opposite end of that spectrum, people who’d be willing to kill him and Carl, people who are already planning on doing some horrible things to Michonne just based on the fact that they found a woman’s shirt in the house.  Zombies are easy, all you can do is kill them.  Humans on the other hand are way deadlier than the undead based almost entirely on the fact that trust is not a given in this world.  Thanks for stopping by Evil Geeks, be sure to check us out next week for another Zombie Round Up!

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