Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Echidna

Welcome to another weekend edition of our Creature Comforts! Now with the title this week you might be wondering if I am writing about a strange marsupial covered in quills from Australia. But actually no, this echidna is just as amazing in its own way, specifically that in Greek mythology this echidna is “The Mother of All Monsters”.myth_to_life__echidna_by_redphoenix621-d6716vt

Like many previous creatures from Greek mythology that we have talked about, this week’s monster is a chimera, being composed of multiple species fused in to one creature. The echidna is half serpent, half woman. We don’t know how Echidna actually came about in the first place, but we do know that she married Typhon, one of the only Greek gods to have also been a monster. Typhon was a giant, born by Gaia, and bearing serpents for legs. So naturally he and Echidna felt a strong attraction to each other.


The echidna creature to me was an interesting find that I had not heard of before, but came across as I was doing some research for a creature comforts post. Those of us that are relatively knowledgeable in Greek mythology might find it odd to come across a creature we had not heard of before. Thank goodness for Xena Warrior Princess for having been the only reference in popular culture I could find to the Echidna. But while the echidna is not that famous, her children certainly are. Because Echidna and Typhon went on to birth many famous monsters I am sure I will talk about in the future, hence the title “Mother of Monsters”. The cerebrus, gorgons, dragons, and chimeras are some of the many monsters birthed by the echidna.

Gotta love the Xena-style special effects

Gotta love the Xena-style special effects

So even though this is a short post, I felt the echidna deserved a day of recognition on this site. After all, Lilith the mother of demons needs to tip her hat towards all those other monstrous mothers out there. Until next week geeks!

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  1. Of course Biff! I’m all over it!

  2. Lilith can I make a request? Would you be able to do an article on my favorite mythological creature, the Minotaur?

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