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Morning Evil Geeks! Feeling down, lonely, and maybe even have some cabin fever if you are snowed in up in the Northeast? Come to sunny California! Can’t make the move? Why not indulge in the guilty pleasure that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, taking place in Sunnydale, California, where all the fun seems to happen. I’ve already brought you the wonders of Season 1, reminiscing my high school days as I relished in the colorful, oversized outfits of the 90’s and the developing love between Buffy and Angel. I’ve since moved on to Season 2 and am pleased to report that it was even better than I remembered. Sure, Season 1 had some corny moments, like Xander and friends being turned in to human-hyenas, but Season 2 was just stellar. Less teenage drama, more action, and lots of Angel-Buffy moments. Be forewarned, spoilers to follow!

We left off in Season 1 with Buffy being killed by the Master only to be brought back to life via CPR from Xander, and despite the trauma of having died for a couple minutes she comes back with a vengeance to slaughter the Master. In the beginning of Season 2 our crew is reunited after Buffy spent the summer in Los Angeles with her father to recover. Sadly Buffy comes back as a bit of a bitch and is reluctant to accept any help from friends, though she seems to come to terms with things after she finally destroys the Master’s remains and ends any chances of his resurrection.


We aren’t too far in to the season here when we have some stunning new characters introduced. I liked what they did with “The Anointed One”, this annoying young boy whose character is really lacking. He is set on the destruction of Buffy but really has little influence on the show as a whole. So we are finally introduced to two new important characters: Spike, our sexy blonde British vamp, and his insane and partially handicapped partner Drusilla. They offer their services to The Anointed One to destroy Buffy, and when they fail he ends threatening to punish the duo. The result: in one quick moment ending the episode Spike burns to boy to ashes in the son. Way to go Spike.

Of course now it is Spike’s turn to try to slay the slayer. And so he sets about scheming plots to do so, as well as trying to split apart Angel and Buffy who are now in a full on relationship. As I watched this I remembered that I really did fall for Angel as well when I first saw this series, and it did make me happy seeing the two have some nice moments together. Of course, Angel and Buffy weren’t the only ones pairing off. Cordelia and Xander, in a moment of god only knows what was going through their heads, start a relationship based on making out in closets. And lovely Willow finds a mate in Oz, a geeky guitar playing Seth Greene who also happens to find out he is a werewolf later in the season.


There are some interesting episodes that are their own stand-alone shows here and there this season too, my favorite being the one on Halloween. An evil former friend of Giles comes in to town owning a costume shop and casts a spell that turns all of the kids wearing costumes from his store in to what they were wearing. This leads to all out hilarity as Buffy is a helpless princess, Xander becomes a trigger happy soldier, Willow is a transparent ghost, and Angel and Cordelia have to get the group to safety before Spike can capture them all in their weakened states. There were some great one-liners in that episode, definitely a phenomenal story.


We even meet another slayer in Season 2. During one episode Spike hires a horde of bounty hunters to murder Buffy and also perform a spell to return Drusilla to her true power. In addition to creepy demons and murderous humans, a young Caribbean woman attacks Buffy, though it turns out she is another slayer that was given her right to be the new slayer when Buffy died last season for a couple minutes: interesting twist Joss Whedon.

Of course, the saddest part of Season 2 was losing Angel. Yes, I know, I am pathetic writing that, but Angel was really one of the first broody, sexy vampires that really set the standard for that phenomenon, and what’s more heart breaking about him losing his humanity and soul as punishment for finally experiencing a moment of true happiness by making love to Buffy? Yeah, I would have been pissed if I were Buffy and lost my lover that way too, but at least it is a compliment to how much you meant to him. And the end of the season soulless Angel is quite a dick, though he has moments where you think you can see the moral Angel peeking through his skin. And Buffy maintains her strength, and as she is fighting soulless Angel at the end of the season Willow’s spell to give him his soul back works, and in one instance he becomes aware of his love for her again. God that moment was heartbreaking, I really did love Angel, but she did the right thing when she plunged the sword in to him and threw him to the depths of hell. Sorry, it was the right thing for the Slayer to do, and comes back to another reason why I just love his show: Buffy is such a great female role model. She’s ten times stronger than Elena from Vampire Diaries, Bella from Twilight, and Sookie Stackhouse from the Southern Vampire Mysteries all combined.


Well, I won’t spoil anything else for you degenerate fools who have not fallen for Buffy yet. And I still have many more seasons to bring you! Until next time geeks.

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