Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Bill Burr and The Podcast Community

Welcome back fuckfaces! I’m just kidding. You all know I love you….in the most platonic yet moist of ways. Recently I’ve acquired an absolute obsession with podcasts featuring stand up comedians and have been trudging through YouTube and iTunes grabbing up every one I possibly can, which is tough because the art of the podcast has blown up significantly in recent times. There’s so many that you can literally listen for near eternity and not get through every one, but this works for me because I honestly need something to keep me entertained…otherwise Arthur gets listless, and when I get listless, shit starts going downhill. Anyways, enough about that, and more about this.

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You honestly have so any options on the internet concerning which podcast you can listen to that it is staggering. After searching through a whole bunch and listening to podcasts run by Joe Rogan, Opie and Anthony (who I really only listen to for the guests, no offense O and A I just like them better) and some others, the one that seems to make me laugh the most is the Bill Burr Monday morning podcast. Maybe it’s because Bill is one of my favorite stand ups, or maybe because I just like to hear him tear shit apart in hate and comedy fueled binges of profanity and amusement. Speaking of which, if you get a chance, check out his epic Philly rant…..it makes you appreciate him so much more because of the sheer amount of shit he doesn’t take. I fucking love it. 11 MINUTES LEFT!

Stand up comedy is an art form. I say that in the most serious of fashions. Getting up on stage is one of the hardest things to do. Plying your craft in private is one thing, but doing in front of an audience is fucking insane. A man can be a carpenter and be able to build a table with no problem, but ask that person to do it in front of an audience of people who have been drinking since they woke up, and its going to be an issue. Look at this asshole! Fuckin making a table with a goddamn hand saw! Ever hear of power tools you fucking piece of shit? Stand up is that nearly every time, and it can be scary. That is what is so appealing to me about it. These people go out there every night and say the shit that they think is funny, which sometimes it fucking isn’t, but when it is, it’s an amazing experience. I’ve seen some shitty stand up in person, and trust me, it’s brutal to see someone bomb, but you can’t help but have the upmost respect for them for just going up there and doing their thing. Stand up is hard, guys.

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The thing about Bill Burr that makes him so funny to me is the way that certain things are experienced by him rather than just the general population. For example, his stance on pit bulls and his ownership of one. I had a pit myself when I was in high school, and when he says it’s an empowering dog to have , it truly is. Not because of the fear aspect, but because of the way he describes owning one while walking down the street. People really will get the fuck out of your way if they see one on a leash held by you, but in reality the dog is one of the most lovable if you treat it right. Not a single person I know who has owned a pit doesn’t feel the same way. I also love his stance on nerds and his utter amazement at their rise to prominence is fucking outstanding. We here at the Evil Geeks are proud to say that we are part of the socially functional variety of nerds, except for my non compliance with sports. I know you love them Bill, but I can only get behind watching Hockey live. Nothing else really does it for me. They’re given the gift of weapons and armor on the field or rink, and the only people who actually use them are hockey players. That’s why I watch that. Also, it’s such a fun game to watch and play.

Let’s get back to the podcasts here for a bit. A couple weeks back, as I have mentioned before, I was granted with shall we say, an extended vacation and in the process, found myself with some free time. I like to double down when it comes to my entertainment, so when playing video games, I usually have NetFlix in the background or something else along those lines. Recently though, as mentioned earlier, I have been listening exclusively to podcasts on the internet. I watched all the Bill Burr stand up specials, and wanted something else involving him to listen to or watch. I had seen him promoting his podcast on Twitter, so I thought I would check it out, and I did, and it opened a whole new world of awesome for me. I downloaded some onto my iTunes account, and dove right in. I like his approach to it as well. He posts it for every Monday morning, which is going to be my weekly bread and butter now, and just listening to him talk about anything and everything is entertaining to me. Not to sound like I’m sucking his dick or anything, but it really is hysterical. I went through quite a few of the ones he does on his own, and then came across a few with guests. These are like little diamonds in the treasure trove. You have the whole chest filled with gold, but those little jewels with guests make it really special and amusing. That brought to me an idea though. How many guests has he had and has he been a guest on anyone else’s podcast? The answer is yes…..a very big yes.

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Now I don’t want to take a down turn here during a comedy article, but I would just like to take a second to honor the late Patrice O’Neal. I fucking love that guy. It’s a shame people get taken from us too soon, but while he was with us, his guest spots on Opie and Anthony, and the Bill Burr and Patrice O’Neal show were stellar at the least. Listening to Bill and Patrice on that show is a fucking adventure into the minds of two comedians who are masters of their craft. If Louis CK dropped by with those two in the studio already, you knew you were in for a treat. Bill’s spots on the Joe Rogan podcast are awesome too, and I recommend checking those out.

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I know that I have gotten into the podcast game a little later than most, but as we all know I am sort of a late bloomer, because I literally don’t give much of a shit about much, but what I do care about, I care about like its my fucking dick. I cherish it and make sure it is taken care of. Stand up has always been something I have loved, and introducing podcasts to the mix just gives us all so many more opportunities to listen to those comedian we know and love. They can’t be doing specials all the time, and podcasts give us a way to get more of what we love. Bill Burr is hands down one of my favorite stand up acts performing today, and he is just but one of a long list. Guys like Bill, Louis CK, the late Patrice O’Neal, Bo Burnham and a host of others keep me entertained for hours, and even ones who I didn’t think would be good are actually pretty decent. Joe Rogan was a surprise to me, and Ben Baily caught me off guard. Keep your ears open for those guys, and if you have anyone else you can recommend for me, let me fucking know!! I’m always open to new stand up comedians, and am always down for a laugh. Here’s to you guys. Keep the mirth coming you amusing bastards. Check out the Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast on iTunes and YouTube, and also look up some of the Opie and Anthony shows he guests on. Check out the Joe Rogan experience as well and see if you can get ahold or watch some of the Louis CK and Patrice O’Neal ones too. You won’t be disappointed.

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