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the-walking-dead-inmates-glennWelcome back to another Zombie Round Up, Evil Geeks! Last week Rick got busy at trying to not die, Michonne occupied herself by realizing that she probably isn’t going to last long all on her own, and Carl passed the time by testing the human limit of patience with bitchy, emo, teens.  Out of the core group of survivors, we know that these three made it out of the prison alive and managed to get themselves to safety.  Could the other survivors possibly have fared as well?

the-walking-dead-inmates-daryl1In the midseason finale, we saw that Darryl and Beth managed to escape the prison together and are now on the run.  Darryl isn’t to optimistic when it comes to their chances of finding other survivors of the prison, but Beth is almost certain they will find others.  Maybe it’s Beth’s youthful view of things that makes her so certain in the face of Darryl’s pessimism, but regardless of how her companion feels, Beth is determined to press on. Hope seems to be the theme of the episode; hope that the others will be found, hope that safe shelter exists, hope that you’ll just make it through the day as unscathed as possible when surrounded by so much death.  Beth and Darryl eventually stumble across a scene though that would indicate the people they’ve been tracking have been killed.  Upon making this discovery, Beth’s hopes are crushed; but we soon discover that things may not be as they seem.

Screen-Shot-2014-02-17-at-12.46.38-AM-650x380Hope does indeed spring eternal throughout this episode, even for those characters not appearing in it.  Little do Rick and Carl know, but it turns out Judith didn’t end up as a zombie appetizer back at the prison. Tyreese managed to grab her before he split with the two younger girls that Carol had been mentoring before he forced exile. He’s leading the trio of girls through the woods in hopes of finding either the other survivors or some  modicum of safe shelter.  The thing that Tyreese and the two older girls are hoping for the most though is that Judith will just shut the f**k up for a little while.  The infant is screaming if not from hunger one minute, then dirty diapers the next.  That right there should be the ultimate anti-teen pregnancy PSA; Hey kids always remember, if you end up having a kid while still in high school, you’ll end up missing out on some fun things in life-like playing sports, , hanging out late with your firends, going to prom, or surviving the zombie apocalypse! As the story progresses, we see that Tyreese’s group is the one that Beth and Darryl had been tracking, as evidenced by the trail they leave along their journey.  The situation however doesn’t turn out as bleak as expected based on what Beth and Darryl ended up finding.  They manage to make it through some nastiness and eventually are found by Carol, who managed to catch the end of the battle at the prison.  She’d been scouring the area looking for survivors and ended up finding the girls.  At this point, Tyreese is completely unaware that Carol was responsible for the death of his love interest back at the prison before the attack.  The Governor’s men struck right as Rick and Darryl were about to tell him, so one has to naturally wonder how long that secret will stay buried, especially as the Carol/Tyreese group seems to be headed for what is being billed as a safe haven.  Will Carol confess? If she does, will Tyreese still want blood after the massacre they just survived?

the-walking-dead-inmates_article_story_mainThe last two parallel stories of this episode center Maggie and her search for Glen.  Maggie, Sasha, and Bob managed to escape together. Instead of searching for safety, Maggie only wants to find Glen, going so far as to attempt to separate herself from the others so she can search alone.  Maggie, Sasha, and Bob come across the bus only to find that everyone inside is now undead.  SOMETHING happened on the way out of the prison and the surefire way to safety, became an express route to zombiehood. When we last saw Glen, he was on that bus filled with survivors leaving the prison.  Determined to find her man, Maggie opts to clear the bus of zombies so she’ll know for sure if Glen didn’t make it.  She’s holding out hope that Glen made it out of the deathtrap alive. After a whole lot of zombie killing, punctuated with Maggie killing a walker that looked a hell of a lot like Glen from behind, Maggie collapses in a heap of laugh/crying, that kind of leaves Glen’s fate in limbo? Did she just kill him? However unbeknownst to Maggie and the viewers, that bus isn’t where Glen ended up. Not being one to give up the fight easily, Glen apparently returned to the front lines after being deposited on the bus.  He awakens from unconsciousness to find the prison in ruins and completely overrun with the dead.  He collects some stuff from the prison, including his bite proof riot gear and starts to make his way out of the now unsafe prison.  On the way out, he comes across Lily’s sister (sorry, I totally can’t remember her character’s name), who’d been fighting alongside the Governor.  Glen initially leaves her there to die, but reconsiders and decides to help her out despite the fact that she backed the man who destroyed the prison.  She feels like there is no hope left for her, especially after seeing Lily get eaten by zombies during the ordeal.  Glen’s kindness and help shows her that despite her choices in the past, in this world of ever-present danger and constantly changing alliances, there is indeed hope for redemption for everyone.  Except the Governor of course… there was no hope for that evil mother f**ker.  Glen is hoping to find Maggie, Lily’s sister is hoping that any survivors won’t think she’s a complete piece of shit for supporting the Governor.  Hope: it’s what’s keeping them going.


In the closing moments of the episode, fans of the comic get one huge ass surprise when just as things look bleak for Glen and Not-Lily, we are introduced to three new characters: Abraham, Rosie, and Eugene (who looks a whole hell of a lot like Bill Hicks. If only he were still alive, that’d be some brilliant casting!).  It’s very reminiscent of how we met Michonne, but at least there isn’t going to be a season break right after we see them for the first time.  Hopefully we’ll get to learn a little more about them before the back half of season four is over.  Stop by again next week for another dose of discussing the dead with The Evil Geeks and Zombie Round Up!

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