Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Sirens

Are all of our geeky followers having a lovely Valentine’s Day Weekend? There are a lot of creatures I could dedicate this heartful weekend post to this weekend, from cherubs to unicorns a lot of monsters might claim their stake at being a monster of love. But I decided to write about sirens this weekend, the beautiful, humanoid, sexy, seductress siren.


Sirens are the classic femme fatale, using their musical voices and enchanting beauty to lure men towards them and their death. Like many creatures out there these feminine deathtraps really gained their fame in ancient Greek text. The original Greek version involved beautiful women on a rocky island coast that would attract sailors closer until their ships would crash on the jagged rocks and leave them stranded or dead. But many ancient writings describe variations of sirens, some taking the form of women, some birds, some were mermaids, and some even being cannibals.


Coming to more modern depictions of sirens, there are naturally many movies that involve ancient Greek mythology that love to incorporate sirens. There are also some cheap-o made for TV movies specifically focusing on siren-like creatures. They make easy villains in video games. And O Brother, Where Art Thou? Probably features the most famous modern sirens on the recent big screen.


One of the most interesting recent depictions I have seen of sirens was of the mermaid type. I think they definitely strung out the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise a little too much, but in the most recent (fourth) film in the series our group of pirates tries to capture a mermaid, and these beautiful women are definitely the classic siren you would picture, turning vicious and blood thirsty as hell!


I am sure there are many more depictions of sirens I could describe, but I am going to keep this weekend’s post short. And I am sure many more sirens will taunt and seduce men in the future, cause let’s face it, they are just plain sexy.

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