Horror of Horrors: What Lies Beneath

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you ghost lovers out there, this one is for you! I think by now all our readers know that Lilith here is crazy for creatures, star-struck with space travel, lusting over a few vampires, and fixated on zombies. But there is one genre out there that I just can’t muster the courage to get in to: ghost movies, books, and TV shows. I just can’t do ghosts, much like Indiana Jones can’t do snakes. I try to justify this insurmountable fear of mine by the fact that you can’t kill ghosts. If I was faced with other monsters I could hopefully bash in their brains to destroy them, shoot them with silver bullets to weaken them, or maybe even become one of them and in some cases I would be ok with that. But you can’t do any of that with ghosts, you just have to deal with their tormenting and torturing you in your own personal hell.


So moving on now to our topic today, a funny story about Lilith involves her taking her mother out to see a movie for her birthday while she was in college simply because it starred their favorite science fiction/adventure actor, Harrison Ford. Not knowing exactly what the movie What Lies Beneath was about, we figured we couldn’t go wrong with Ford, and were expecting some sort of science fiction, Minority Report type thriller based on the title and posters for the movie. What followed was a movie that will probably haunt me now for the rest of my life.

 Warning- spoilers to follow. This movie starts out in a perfect Vermont suburban paradise, where the main characters Claire and Norman Spencer (played by Michelle Pfieffer and Harrison Ford) are settling in as Claire recovers from a traumatic car accident and their daughter leaves for college. Sadly Claire has little to keep her time occupied, and finds herself spending all too much time peering over the fence at their all too loud neighbors, fighting day and night about their marital strive. One night Claire, ever the peeping tom, spies the husband next door dragging a large bag to the trunk of his car and she is convinced he has murdered his wife.

And then it starts getting creepy. Claire starts having visions and strange encounters in the house. She becomes obsessed with the idea that her neighbor’s dead ghost might be trying to get a message to her. Despite a séance and an investigation, all lead by Claire, to expose her neighbor as a murderer, she eventually finds out the wife from next door is fine and just moved out as they finally split up.


Since I am normally too terrified to watch horror movies with ghosts in the first place, I sadly cannot compare the scenes in this movie to many other ghost movies. But if I had to describe these haunted scenes I would describe them as subtle, which of course lead to a more chilling and anticipatory vibe in the movie theater as things unfolded.

Cause again, just when we thought Claire was losing it and all those moments she thought she was having in communication with a ghost that never was seem to have ended, it starts up again. What Claire instead discovers is that her husband was having an affair before her tragic car accident, and that his ex-lover is now deceased, the ghost that has been contacting her. While Harrison Ford’s character confesses to his infidelity and tries to claim that the girl killed herself in his house but he disposed of the body, Claire convinces him to come clean with the police. This scene might be another reason why this movie scared me so much: Harrison Ford in my mind has been type cast as the gruff, sexy, bad boy hero. In this movie he is definitely a bad boy, in fact, he is an all out villain.

even when he is trying to drown his wife, that face is kissable

even when he is trying to drown his wife, that face is dreamy

Lying to his wife about calling the police, he sedates her and restrains her in a bathtub. About to murder her he confesses everything, and Norman is up there with some horrific villains in my mind. Way to go Harrison Ford for not being type cast. Not only did he murder his lover, he plans to murder his wife, and suggests that her death will bring him closer to their daughter who he might also sexually abuse.

Now this scene should probably be a reason for me to like ghost stories, since our ghost comes back, and once again attempts to possess Claire’s body. Right as Norman is about to shove his wife’s sedated body under the water and make her drown, Claire’s face is terrifyingly morphed in to the face of the dead ex-lover. Norman leaps away and knocks himself unconscious on the sink. 0584148_19437_MC_Tx360

The final scenes of this movie leave you jumping out of your seat again and again. It’s hard to figure out who is scarier: our murderer version of Harrison Ford or the ghost of his ex-lover as she tries to possess Claire in a plot to get her revenge on Norman. All I can say is this is a great horror movie, if horror movies with ghosts are your things (which they are not mine). So if you want to watch sexy Harrison Ford in a different type of role, and want to be gasping in fright from time to time throughout the movie, maybe even using this as an excuse to get close with your Valentine today, go check out this movie!

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