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index2After a long cold ass Winter (which we’re still currently living through), the zombies are finally thawing out and springing back to undead life! The Governor certainly went out with a bang in the mid-season finale, taking with him the comfy, secure, confines of the prison.  The fences are down, zombies have flooded in, and whoever wasn’t killed in the initial melee are scattered to the winds.  Not since Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption have people been so dismayed to be leaving a penitentiary.  Before getting killed, the Governor managed to hand Rick his own ass, nearly beating him to death. How are he and Carl going to fare all alone out on the open road!?!?!?!

Carl, Carl, Carl… We used to be cool man. I’m not sure if it’s budding teenage hormones or what, but man has that kid become a real whiny, emo, bastard.  In his defense, he recently had to put a bullet in his mothers brain, his infant sister is missing and presumed dead, plus his dad is circling the drain both physically and emotionally, so he’s for sure going to have some emotional issues, but bloody hell was he annoying throughout this episode. He’s harboring some serious resentment towards Rick over a multitude of issues. Once Rick collapses unconscious, Carl unloads on him blaming him from the deaths of Lori, Judith, Shane, and Hershel; even going so far as to give him shit for trying to be a farmer instead of a leader.  Carl may have a point or two in his parental meltdown, but man is he being super Jason Todd-like about everything.  Carl’s growing up in a hellish world, where death is never more than a bite away, which has made him super tough, but at the expense of his childhood.  He can definitely look out for himself, but he’s not quite the invincible warrior of the wasteland he makes himself out to be.  If his lack of humility doesn’t eventually get him killed, Carl might actually grow up to be a decent leader some day, but right now I really just want to slap the shit out of him. He’s on a journey, both literally as in with Rick and himself, as well as a metaphorical one towards being an adult, but he’s still got a way to go before he’s done.  He’s able to kill zombies in order to protect himself and others, but at the same time he still has moments of being a kid slipping through; things like eating an entire can of pudding by himself or reading a book he found in some kids room.

I hope he chokes on that damn giant can of pudding.

Michonne is also on a journey of her own, in both a metaphorical sense and a physical one as well.  She’s all alone, searching the area for signs of survivors of the prison, but not having much luck. We see flashbacks to her past, before the zombies when she was raising a child with the man who would eventually become one of the zombies she’d been leading around on a leash when she first met Andrea in the woods near Hershels farm. After losing her boyfriend and probably he child as well, it’s understandable that she would be so closed off to the idea of getting close to other people again. However, as she is learning (and as Carl is learning too) life in the post zombie apocalypse world is much easier with some friends along for the ride.  As much as she wants to be an emotional island, if she wants to survive, then she needs to learn that she won’t be able to do it alone.

The-Walking-Dead-MichonneI liked the character development aspects of this episode; we learned a lot of things about Michonne and even though he was annoying the whole time, we learned some stuff about Carl. I wish this wasn’t the very first episode after the break though. Normally we’d get a slower episode after a huge event like the fall of the prison, which is what we got, but how about letting us know what’s going on with the other survivors as well? This would have been great as a 2 hour premiere, with the first hour featuring the Rick/Carl and Michonne storylines, then the second hour could’ve focused more on some of the other groups.

the-walking-dead-after-carl-rickI don’t want to be too critical because there was some good stuff to be had in this episode. I really loved seeing Michonne get worked up into a zombie killing frenzy, slicing and dicing her way to safety. Conversely though, I could’ve done with a lot less mopey Carl.  Most of all though  I can do without Crazy/Out of Commission Rick.  I was worried that the character would get sucked back into that insane period he had right after Lori died. I hated seeing him talking on the phone to Ghost Lori especially.  I’ve always felt that the overall story never strongest when Crazy Rick is around.  It looks like next week we’ll be catching up with some of the other survivors, so be sure to check back here for another all new Zombie Round Up!

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