Comic Book Panel of the Day 2/7/14

Happy Friday Nerds!

Despite all the flack that DC is getting for their choices on the new Batman vs. Superman movie, I’m still proud to say that I’m a DC Fanboy! With that said, today I’m bringing you a badass panel from DC’s newest crossover starring the New 52’s version of the Crime Syndicate!!!!

First off, this crossover is awesome and really tells a long-standing story that started in the first arc of the new Justice League book, so if you’re like me and like a slow burn that leads up to a big bang then you should really read this. Anywho, let’s talk about the panel that comes from Forever Evil #4 and stars my favorite Dark Knight Detective, whose paranoia that we’ve all come to know and love turns him into a badass Yellow Lantern to battle the CSA’s version of GL known as Power Ring!

Beware my POWER!

Beware my POWER!

Awesome Right! David Finch’s pencils really kick ass in this series but this panel is particularly amazing in my opinion, frankly because I didn’t think that I’d see Bats like this again since the Sinestro Corps storyline. If you haven’t read Forever Evil yet, then you really gotta check it out, it’s taking the classic CSA and puts an updated spin on them!

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