MISSION COMPLETE: TV From the Crypts: Battlestar Galactica Season 4

I’ve done it folks. It’s been a wild ride but my mission is complete and now you viewers are going to get another taste of Lilith’s delicious opinion about Battlestar Galactica. A little while ago I set out on a mission for all my faithful followers (and in a competition with Biff) to bring them my take on each season of this show that had been recommended to me time and time again, and now this mission comes to its conclusion. It was a darker science fiction series than I was used to, watching important individuals and entire species be at their lowest low and their highest high was tough on my heartstrings, but it was worth the ride. So spoiler alert, be forewarned, I am going to give you my stunning conclusion to this series now.


I mentioned in my last TV From The Crypts column that Season 3 ended with a bang, leaving me on the edge of me seat and once again ready to through the next Blu-ray for season 4 in immediately. You see, Season 3 ended with the revelation of 4 of the 5 final cylons, all currently aboard Galactica, and I did not anticipate some of them being tin-cans. While Colonel Tigh was a bit of a shock, Sam Anders and Tory Foster were also unexpected but not overwhelming, but holy crap I did not expect Galen Tyrol (“Chief”) to be a cylon at all! Of course, these four newly outed cylons are just as confused about their identity as I was. The only one who really seems to embrace it is Tory, who turns in to a bit of a conniving bitch about it.


But I digress, Season 4 sadly started off as a little bit of a downer. Starbuck comes back from the dead claiming to know how to find Earth, and the first 4-5 episodes involve watching her mentally break down yet again as she tries to discover where to take her crew on this mission, and both the Cylon government and the Human government are still struggling to deal with their own internal strife. The one part that made me happy in the beginning of Season 4 was that Cally, Galen’s obnoxious wife, was murdered by being thrown out an airlock by Tory. I was super thrilled I would no longer have to listen to Cally’s constant bitching and whining.


Starbuck’s mission to find Earth fails, but she is able to meet up with a Cylon base ship full of rebels, and watching the humans try to come to terms with working alongside Cylons that they still don’t trust was interesting, though I was still struggling to get in to Season 4 at this point.

The Cylons factions have been completely split in two, with one side wanting to fine resurrection technology as well as kill off all the humans so they are the only surviving species, and the other side wanting to join forces with the humans in the mission to find Earth, as well as find the Final 5 cylons aboard the Battlestar.

And then it got interesting. After the four cylons living amongst the humans are revealed to all, the Cylons and people finally make a pact together and join forces to finally find Earth. I think a lot of us were waiting for this scene for a long time. What would Earth be? Would it be our planet in the future? In the past? Well, it was none of the above. Earth was a wasteland, an abandoned planet that had been destroyed by Cylons in a nuclear war centuries ago, though the radiation damage was still strong enough from allowing them to recolonize the planet.


That scene is where everything fell apart. All hope was lost for several episodes. There were suicides, fights, breakdowns shared by everyone. And as the human government fell apart, Zarek and Gaeta form an alliance and stage a coup as they found it too morally wrong to work alongside Cylons. After this painful mutiny where many lives were lost, both Zarek and Gaeta are executed, and from then on the season was nothing but action.

Themes that have been played upon throughout the entire series, dreams, visions, songs, they all come together in a stunning conclusion. There were references the entire time to Hera, the hybrid human-Cylon daughter of Helo and Athena, being the savior for both races. And when she is abducted by the Cylons there is a moment where both sides need to decide how important her survival and rescue is. Eventually Adama agrees to run a rescue mission and asks for volunteers, and since Galactica has been falling apart episode by episode as it was, this will be her last mission. And talk about going out in a blaze of glory! The last two episodes of the season were phenomenal, with an incredible rescue mission performed by humans, Cylons, even the Centurians armed themselves and fought side by side with human soldiers. The visions, messages, and hallucinations all suddenly made sense, and as they perfectly executed their mission with minimal loss of life, the Battlestar jumps to unknown coordinates set by the child Hera herself in the form of a song. As the Battlestar arrives at its new and final destination as it was almost split in two during the jump, we see a new planet in the distance, one we can all recognize as our Earth.

Lee Adama does the most changes in the series, from chubby to long haired you never know what he's going to look like!

Lee Adama does the most changes in the series, from chubby to long haired you never know what he’s going to look like!

Surprisingly I have not given all away so if you read this and are hoping to watch the show there is a lot more to be revealed, however here comes a big spoiler. As the surviving humans arrive on the new planet Earth and explore, finding a group of primitive related beings inhabiting the planet, we have quite a bit of lose ends tied up all at once. Roslin finally succumbs to her cancer, Hera, Helo and Athena get the happy ending they deserve, and the question a lot of us were wondering for a while now is answered: what is Starbuck? We all saw her explode in Season 3, and we even saw her encounter the remains of her body and ship on the first planet Earth in Season 4, so what is she? Another Cylon? No, she is an angel. As were the hallucinations of Caprica 6 and Gaius Baltar seen throughout the entire series. They were angels sent to help the humans and Cylons come together and find this new planet so their races can survive together. Did not see that one coming.

While the end of the series left me smiling and content, I will also comment that it had a great play on time. I have always enjoyed stories that have elements of time travel of twists. It is always interesting to see how the events of one chapter mix in to events of the past and future. So with Battlestar the time-twist deals with Earth. For so long we are wondering is this set in the future? In the past? Is Earth our Earth? As we see in the final episode their last Earth is ours, but again, is this the future or past? After we see all our survivors go their separate ways, abandoning technology and joining the humans already on the planet, we suddenly fast forward 150,000 to what looks like the present day, and our angels Caprica 6 and Baltar realize it is all happening again. Technology is getting away from us, though science has uncovered the remains of the first female human with mitochondrial DNA, which was the start of the human race as we know it (aka Hera). What remains to be seen is will this all happen again and again and again, just like it was predicted in the show. What comes next? Time will tell.


Wow, it’s been a wild ride kids, I loved the show and am saddened my mission is finished, but now can move on to more retired TV shows to bring you in the future, so stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks Biff! Now I will need to work on finding another mission…I am thinking Star Trek at some point as I never got in to that as a kid…

  2. My hat is off to you Lilith. You positively crushed me!

  3. The show was quite excellent. I don’t know if I could ever watch it again, but it does stand out as one of the best science fiction shows ever made.

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