Evil Geek Book Report – The Vegan Revolution…With Zombies


Hello my zombified supporters. I have got a tasty treat for you today! I will admit, I read and watch a lot of trashy material out there in the name of geekdom, and this book might be classified in to that genre by some, but The Vegan Revolution…With Zombies by David Agranoff was something I couldn’t resist sinking my teeth in to. I’m sure my comments here and there have gotten you all up to speed that Lilith here is a vegan. So the inner vegan and zombie-loving parts of my soul united and were thrilled to indulge in this short novel. Warning: minor spoilers to follow, though they probably won’t stop you from enjoying this book in the future.

Where does this lovely novel start? Why in Portland, Oregon of course, considered one of the major vegan hubs of the world. The book starts out with our main characters being introduced, quirky Dani and super-nerd Majik, as they some how find their way to veganism. Meanwhile the rest of the world is doing the opposite: a biotechnology company has created a compound that when mixed in with animal feed results in suppression of the cingulate cortex in the brain, making it so that animals no longer experience pain or stress during their short lifespan being raised for food. This results in the production of a “Stress Free Label” so that consumers can buy their meat more consciously of the animal welfare behind it. Of course, no changes to the actual means of meat production occurs, the animals are just suppressed from feeling any emotions with regards to the way they are treated.

Hippie central folks...Portland, OR

Hippie central folks…Portland, OR

Meanwhile Dani is a typical hopeless English graduate, and as jobs are scarce she is forced to take a job as an editor for a local company specializing in zombifying classic works of literature, like Of Mice and Men…and Zombies, or Zombie War and Peace. Despite her disgust of zombies, Dani gets quite the crash course in all zombie culture at her new job. And her boyfriend is thrilled to talk all things zombie with her on a regular basis.

But then it happens. Slowly people start acting sick, nodding off, getting a yellow tinge to their eyes. Gradually all those that have indulged in the Stress Free Label become afflicted, and their brains too get shut off, turning them in to undead zombies. The survivors? All of us vegans!!!


Of course, this storyline might sound pretty damn corny, and truthfully, it is. This short novel is by no means well written, sadly I was appalled by all the grammar errors. But it is still fun. I’ve given you the basic outline, but the sarcastic remarks, references to pop culture, idiosyncrasies of vegans, and the war of the vegans as the different factions of our sub-culture start battling out how things should be run post-apocalypse are endearing. It’s also quite hilarious at times. The book reminded me of a farce of Shaun of the Dead, with it’s laugh-out-loud one liners and absurd vegan notions. It does get a little preachy at the end and completely embraces the animal rights movement, and let’s face it, I was a fan of that. But if you want a quick read that will make you laugh, this book is worth the day or two it will take you to finish it. It might also make you think twice about that hamburger you wanted to get for lunch. GO VEGAN!


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  1. I night have to take a bite out of this book.

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