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I never thought that I would ever write a piece on fashion, considering how I basically wear the same goddamn thing every day (a cloak and the hide of a dragon) yet here we are, doing a piece on fashion. However, this isn’t going to be on what I stumble into after I morph out of bed in the morning. Very recently we were all introduced to our new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, but only in the last day or two were we finally shown what his official outfit is going to be, which is something huge in the Doctor Who world. His outfit is almost as important as the TARDIS herself, and fans have been waiting patiently for it to be announced. And now…….we have it.

12th doctor costume

Ugh……look at that. Now I use the term “ugh” in a way that signifies that it’s so awesome, it can’t possibly be clean. It’s s filthy awesome. The first thing that comes to mind is 3 and 2 and I love it. It almost looks like he is in charge of a team….which I guess technically he is depending on how many companions he currently has. Now we were originally told that he would be wearing a few outfits during his initial season, mainly because of the state Matt Smith’s regeneration has left him in. We’re going to see some pajamas, a hospital gown (possibly) and maybe a few others. Hopefully not too many though before we see him in this new garb.I’m not sure my brain can handle it.

fourth doctor

It’s kind of funny to be honest. I can bet money that when the show first started its run, nobody thought that the outfit the Doctor wears would be so popular and become a huge focal point of the show. There aren’t really that many programs that feature a specific outfit and have such a following that salivates and goes wild when the new one is announced, barring comic books, video games and most anime, but you know what I mean. It’s crazy, yet amazing at the same time. It’s wonderful to see people completely lose their shit over seeing the new outfit and trust me, I was one of them along with my compatriots C-Mart and Big Evil. When C-Mart first sent me the picture, I started gushing like a goddamn school girl. WOW! Such Class! Such Power! Super Doctor! Those were some of the lame responses I garbled as a stream of saliva ran from my mouth. I wish I could wear something that badass and look that good in it. From the new coat to the slick new boots, this new wardrobe suits him perfectly.

I was debating on whether or not to include a list of sorts of my favorite Doctor outfits over the years, but to be honest, I can’t really choose one. I love them all and each one has its own place of respect and significance. Most people may argue that Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor may be the most recognizable and popular in terms of the outfit itself, but that could be argued. Not to knock it in any fashion as I do own my very own 22 foot long Fourth Doctor scarf, but I also own a red/burgundy bowtie. Matt Smith did for bowties what Mike Tyson did for biting, he made it effective again. A lot of people started rocking bowties and a lot of people started rocking suits with Converse much like David Tennant’s Doctor (I love you, and I don’t care who knows it) so it just goes to show how each Doctor’s outfit can influence its audience. The only one I would say that could possibly be considered a bit too much would be Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor……not because it was bad or anything, but it’s nearly impossible to find any sort of clothing like that barring a specialty website or someone on Etsy. That jacket he rocks though…..I could never pull it off, and that upsets me.

sixth doctor

Like I said, I sort of wanted to do a list, but I simply cannot because it would be too hard for me to come up with one I liked in any order that I think would be appropriate, but back to Capaldi’s Doctor. If you take a close look at it, it sort of looks like a mixture of the Third and Second Doctor’s outfits like I previously mentioned. Combining a sort of very modern but very classy approach to the outfit, it looks like what someone who has been transported from the 1800’s to current times would wear. Something close to home but completely passable for the current situation….or any situation really.  The inside of the jacket looks like they took Jon Pertwee’s cape and sewed it to the inside of Capaldi’s coat, which looks like a more up to date version of Patrick Troughton’s coat, or is it just me that sees that? Well regardless it looks like it, and once again like previously mentioned, I love it. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see it in action for the first time this autumn.

third and second doctors

Well there ya have it Whovians. Not an incredibly long post like I usually provide you guys with, but something to keep you going with your Arthur Harkness obsessions. I know you guys haven’t seen a lot of me recently, but hopefully that’ll change soon. So prepare yourselves, and prepare your girlfriends…..Arthur shall be back in full force very soon. Enjoy!!

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