Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Yeti

Let me continue to reach out to all you poor, miserable inhabitants of the Northeast this weekend: sucks to be you, you could always come join me in sunny California for a break from the Polar Vortex. But that aside, let’s endure along our journey of winter creatures this month, today’s probably being one of the most infamous snow monsters, which is also one of it’s many other names. The yeti, the abominable snow monster, myths of this creature have been around since the 19th century.


The initial stories that developed around this monster started in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. Tales of an ape-like, humanoid giant began to disperse amongst the population. These stories caught like wildfire in the 1900’s when many Westerners started exploring the Himalayas for fun, and reported coming across large, barefoot human prints in the snow, larger than any normal man. Speculations continued and people started bringing back souvenirs of animal hair and feces from their Himalayan expeditions, claiming it to be evidence that the so-called Yeti existed.

Yeti_by_Philippe_SemeriaWhat I found most interesting about researching this creature was that a whole new branch of science, cryptozoology, now exists to study legendary creatures like this and try to determine if they are real. So far no hard evidence for the existence of this creature has been documented, but cryptozoologists are sure trying hard to keep the hunt active.

In the 1950’s a whole new resurgence of Yeti-related propaganda emerged, with several movies like The Snow Creature and The Abominable Snowman being released. More recently the yeti has also been spotlighted in several more modern flicks: Monsters Inc., Yeti: A Love Story, one of The Mummy films, and even Hotel Transylvania all have a yeti creature in their storyline. The Looney Tunes and the ancient yet timeless Christmas classic of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer also feature more adorable versions of the yeti. And while I am not a gamer, Wikipedia lists over half a dozen games featuring yetis.


Of all the depictions of the yeti in modern culture, the one I found most fascinating was that both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have created a superhero character based on the yeti, called the Abominable Snowman in Marvel world, and just snowman in DC Comics.Tales_to_Astonish_Vol_1_13_012

But what I find myself wondering with all the myths out there about the yeti, is what do people really think the yeti is like? If this giant, humanoid, hairy snow-ape does exist somewhere out there, what does he eat? What is his demeanor? I am sure many picture a cannibalistic monster more similar to a wampa, but if this monster has remained hidden for so long, might he be more of the peaceful nature? Something properly scared of humans and hiding away in his cold, isolated mountain ranges? Or maybe he really just wants a friend?

Well, however you picture your yeti, it is certainly a formidable legend and creature, and I will be hoping that humans successfully fail to find him if he is still out there.

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