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Coming into your brain and apparently all over your eyes and face, television has been on a hot streak recently. Between awesome shows like Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, we’ve had a pretty nice past few months of electronic transmissions from space. But now, as the winter is in full swing and most of the fall shows are either on a short break or unfortunately ending, we are getting ready for the mass of spring shows and middle of winter starting shows…..if that makes any sense. Being the generous man that I am, and the fact that I have recently acquired some extra free time, I am going to take a look at a few shows that are either starting now or coming very soon. So strap on your goggles because we’re gonna get some retinal burn up in this bitch. On a side note, even though I love True Detective, I am going to omit it from this post as I just gave you guys a detailed look at it. But don’t worry, I got more than enough to placate you.

Kroll Show:

kroll show

It has been far too long between season 1 and season 2 of Kroll Show. This fucking show is out of control. I am a huge Nick Kroll fan due to his previous works on the League and his stand up special, there is just something about him that makes me lose my shit. Maybe it’s the fact that my whiny girl voice is similar to his or the fact that the characters he plays are so ridiculous that they simply have to be real people, he just constantly makes me laugh. Between Bobby Bottleservice, Rich Dicks, and Publizity, every sketch has been formulated to either work with another character or coincide with other sketches further on in the season. I love continuity and love seeing it in sketch shows. Kroll Show just started two weeks ago, so you have a couple to catch up on, but it’s worth it. They’re onDemand right now so you have no excuse.



This may get slightly Comedy Central heavy, but deal with it as it’s one of 7 channels I actually watch. Workaholics starts off its new season this week….two days ago to be specific, and is part of Comedy Central’s coveted Wednesday night spot. Usually reserved for South Park and whatever they pair with it, Workaholics stars three loveable dicks as they attempt to survive the daily grind of telemarketing. Between smoking as much weed and getting as drunk as possible during misadventures, you’re going to enjoy this one. I caught the first episode of the current season, and I almost pissed myself laughing. The only thing I’ll say is……baby birthing. Take that as you will.

Broad City:

broad city

Now this one is completely brand new. The first episode just premiered after the first episode of Workaholics, and it took me by surprise. Revolving around two girls as they try and make it in NYC doing jobs they hate and doing other little things( I say little because I don’t want to ruin it) to get some extra cash…..specifically for a secret Lil Wayne show, the series is hysterical in it’s approach and lack of shame. These girls will do, albeit reluctantly, very awkward things to get what they want. It’s showing quite a bit of promise and I’m definitely going to check out the rest of it.

Now I think that may be enough in terms of what has already started, and I’m sure that you want to know about some shit coming out soon, so calm the fuck down alright? I kid, I kid…..but seriously. We’re also going to switch shifts from comedy, to come good old fashioned violence.

Game of Thrones:


Should I even be telling you guys about this? If you aren’t already on the Thrones train, then you may need to get on that….like right the fuck now. Season 4 of Game of Thrones is coming out this April, and that gives you just enough time to tear through the first three before this one starts. I am so excited for this season. I’ve read all the books so I know what’s going to happen, and trust me, this season is looking to blow your minds. Fuuuuuuuuck like for real guys. I’ve been talking it over with some buddies who also know what’s coming, and we’re so excited for those who have yet to read the books because you’re going to be introduced to some awesome new characters, and you’ll get to see what’s going down with your old favorites, which includes one of mine. HAR! Thrones comes back strong in a few months so be ready. Call your bannermen and have them keep guard. You won’t want to be interrupted.

Bates Motel:

bates motel

I am not sure how many of you have gotten a chance to check out this wonderful show, but do yourself a favor and find a way to watch the first season. Season two starts up in a couple months, and I’m fucking pumped. The way the first season ended made me want so much more, and I’m eagerly looking forward to dear Norman and Norma’s adventures in their quiet little town. Running the Bates Motel, they get into situations way more ridiculous than what you would expect. Fans of Hitchcock’s Psycho will find a whole bunch to love here as we finally get a chance to see why and how Norman is the way he is. Surprisingly, even though Norma is the one that is supposed to ruin him mentally and emotionally, things aren’t always what they seem. A modern take on the old story, Bates Motel is so awesome in its presentation and storytelling. You all should really take the time to get into this as you will not be disappointed.


vikings season 2

Did you guys honestly think that I wouldn’t mention my brothers in arms? You guys have made it readily apparent that you love the Vikings posts just as much as I love this show. There is no better place to find the recap you need and the perspective of a fellow Viking that you crave. Vikings comes back next month, in the birth month of your dark lord and savior, yours truly, and my boner has achieved maximum density. Ragnar and troop come back to your screens in full and unblemished glory. From the previews and stills we’ve been shown, things look to be gearing up in full for our Vikings. A certain princess is shows making her way towards our favorite Viking family with a bigger belly then the last time we saw her. This may prove to be an issue with certain shield maidens and I need to see what happens. We also have the King from last season plotting revenge, we have Rollo choosing his side while Ragnar chooses his own side, and so many issues are going to be resolved…..hopefully in a bloody and amazing fashion. You can also look forward to your weekly recaps as I will not and cannot miss a single episode. This man was born of the cold and sea, and in the salt spray will I finally be home. Take up thy shields and swords my Vikings. For February will be a cold and brutal month.

Well there ya have it. Six shows that will tickle your funny bone and tear open your guts to spill out the sweet, sweet lifeblood within. The next few months are going to be incredibly entertaining for shows and you can bet Arthur is going to be all over it, like a hammer on a face.

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