Who has Bronan Conquered? (Contest)

By now, we’re all familiar with the subset of the geek population known as “Bronies”, adult male fans of My Little Pony whose presence on the convention scene has been growing exponentially in the last couple of years. On a podcast a few months back, we (admittedly under the influence of alcohol) toyed with the notion of a war between die-hard fans of different children’s cartoons, wondering if other such nostalgia-driven fandom could possibly stand a chance in terms of fervor against the Bronies. It was decided that they could not, and that Bronan, King of the Bronies, would reign supreme. Bronan the Unconquered would cut a swath through all other cartoons, movies, and comics without breaking a sweat.

Bronan the King

Can you find all of Bronan’s war trophies? If you send a complete list of Bronan’s trophies to evilgeeks@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com , you can win a prize!  We have a few to give away, and there a couple of tricky bits to the above illustration so we welcome all challengers!

Can you solve the Riddle of the Geeks?

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