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Agents-of-SHIELD-Seeds-Copyright-ABC-inc-15Say what you will Evil Geeks, but for a show that was taking things super slow plot-wise in the first part of the season, SHIELD seems to have stepped up its game quite a bit for the back half of the episode order.  In the two episodes we’ve had since the show returned from the Christmas break, both of the shows longest running mysteries had the curtains drawn back on them.  First we find out the truth about Coulson and Tahiti, then this week we get (almost) the whole story on Skye’s secret origin.  If that wasn’t enough to keep the fans satisfied, this week we also get a supervillain origin thrown in to make the entire affair that much sweeter. Get on the Bus Evil Geeks. We’re wheels up after the break.

SHIELDPCoulson had a pretty big week last time out, so the story of this episode shifts mainly away from him and focuses on the rest of team.  The team heads to the SHIELD science academy this week to track down the source of what was basically a freeze bomb which had been used on some (possibly) unsuspecting SHIELD cadets.  Fitz and Simmons are also slated to give a speech at the Academy, where they are viewed as something akin to rockstars.  Fitz has a particularly ardent fan in the young Donnie Gill, a freshman cadet whose intelligence may even surpass that of Fitz.  Here in our world, outside of the Marvel Cinematic U, a quick Google search will tell you that Donnie Gill is the name of one of the guys who’ve worn the mantle of Blizzard over the years; so it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that he’s the guy responsible for the ice incident.  Gill gets Fitz to unknowingly help him fix a design problem with the ice device, which eventually gets used to spark a massive ice storm.  Gill along with a fellow student created the device to impress Ian Quinn, a general no-goodnik arms dealer.  It seems the boys were in talks with Quinn to have him purchase the device once it’s completed.  Quinn ends up stiffing the boys on the deal, eventually leading to the death of the kid who wasn’t Donnie.  We definitely haven’t seen the last of Quinn though, as in the closing moments of the episode we see Quinn give Coulson a message… from the Clairvoyant.  It seems the person who’d been pulling the strings behind the scenes on Coulson’s abduction wasn’t quite knocked out of the game when Raina was arrested.

The big reveal of the episode concerns Skye and where exactly she came from.  We find out that she was some sort of sacred child, who supposedly has powers of some kind.  She was being protected by a village somewhere in Asia, as well as a team of SHIELD agents.  There was some big bad out to kidnap her who ended up massacring the villagers as well as most of the SHIELD agents, so a lone agent took the child into custody and placed her in foster care with the explicit instructions that she be moved around every so often, so that the people looking for her wouldn’t be able to find her.  Skye learns that she really doesn’t have any biological family left, but at the same time she discovers that SHIELD has always been her family, even before she joined the team.  Her quest for her true identity ended up leader her to her family, just not in the way that she expected.  Plus, does this mean Skye has some kind of latent super power?  Dozens of people believed that she did, so much so that they willingly gave their lives to protect her.  Coulson’s a cyborg, Skye’s got super powers. What’s next? We find out that the Bus is actually a giant transforming Sentinel?!?!


This episode also sets us up for our second supervillain of the series.  Earlier on in the season we witnessed the accident that would give birth to the villain Graviton and as far as I can tell, this episode sets us up for Blizzard.  In the comics, Gill’s version of Blizzard finds out that he’s an Inhuman and only develops powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists.  Could the device that Gill created possibly have exposed him to the Mists and could they be setting us up for the introduction of the Inhumans?  Probably not, but I’m really digging the super villains that we are getting.  Granted, neither of those Blizzard nor Graviton are exactly A list villains, but that’s honestly fine with me.  Coulson’s team isn’t the team that you call in when aliens are invading, that’s a job for the Avengers.  Conversely, not every villain constitutes a large enough threat to warrant assembling the World’s Mightiest Superheroes. Sometimes you need to call in the B team.  Having Coulson and company taken on the lesser known Marvel baddies allows for characters who NEVER in a million years would be featured in a movie, but having them on the TV show is a covert method of sneaking these characters into the mainstream.  Save the really big villains for the special effects budgets of the films; but use the small screen to do right by some of the B listers.  That’s all we got for SHIELD this week, but the previews for next week promised some series changing events, so make sure to stop back here to get the lowdown on all things Agents of SHIELD!

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