TV From The Crypts: Part 3 of Lilith’s Mission: Battlestar Galactica Season 3

Wow I feel like I am flying through this series, and finding new things I like about it every new season. Still dark and depressing at times, I really love how the characters, humans and cylons alike, have grown. Spoiler alert: continue forward for my more detailed take on this season.

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I left off last time with the human race in quite a blunder: Gaius Baltar has settled the human race on a planet named New Caprica but the cylons have discovered them and created a cylon-occupied territory. It is very interesting seeing lots of parallels with political issues in the early part of the 21st century reflected here in this show. Our first several episodes deal with suicide bombers and an insurgency, only this time it is being lead by the humans against their cylon captors. The lengths these people go to in order to commit acts of terrorism is saddening, and might make you think twice about how those in Middle Eastern countries are depicted in our news sources seeing that I am sure if we were on New Caprica we would want to fight in the resistance. We even see some humans commit atrocious, unforgivable acts that they claim were justified, as any enemy of the human resistance should be killed on grounds of treason.

Luckily for us my favorite cylon traitor Sharon, still married to her human counterpart Helo, helps Admiral Adama develop a plan to bring the Battlestar back to the planet and rescue the imprisoned humans. I think one of the most fun CGI shots in the entire season was involved in the rescue mission by Galactica. In order to get their raptor rescue ships off their mother ship close enough to the planet so as to avoid being struck down by a cylon base ship, the gigantic Galactica jumped to a place just over the planet’s surface. Naturally the massive ship came hurdling towards the planet’s surface, set up to crash and explode, but the raptors had just enough time to deploy from the ship before it jumped back in to orbit around the planet to fight off the cylon base ships.o-Sharon

So after a few episodes we are mostly all back safe and sound on ships with our fleet of surviving humans. Of course, a few humans were left behind, and the human-cylon hybrid Hera is in the hands of the cylons, as is Gaius Baltar.

I know Gaius Baltar is selfish, weak, and despicable in so many ways, but I really do love his character. Throughout the majority of season 3 Baltar is on a cylon resurrection ship as he struggles with his own identity and assists the cylons whom he claims to love achieve their goal in finding earth before the human survivors do. Even though he might make decisions I wouldn’t, Gaius is a very complex individual that has become one of my favorites in the show.Downloaded_(BSG)

The exact opposite of Gaius’ character is my other favorite character, Helo. Helo represents all that is good and pure with the human race. And unlike Balter, whose decisions reflect survival, Helo’s decisions are always moral. From euthanizing a group of captive cylons that prevent them from being used by the humans to commit genocide against the cylons, to believing a supposed heretic and taking the time to investigate accusations against a doctor that was supposedly killing patients. I never really understood what the importance of Helo’s character and storyline was in the first season, but by season 3 he really has become such an important role. BattlestarGalactica11

Other storylines that play some importance throughout the season include the finding of the “Eye of Jupiter”, a temple with a continued map to Earth as well as a way to reveal the 5 as of yet unmasked cylons. Starbuck also continues a downward spiral from her original role in season 1. While she was such a great character then, she becomes more and more selfish, being involved in an affair as well as taking unnecessary risks and acting like no one else matters.

The story that helps us conclude season 3 involves Baltar being returned to the humans and being kept prisoner. Roaslyn has already been re-instated as president, but she and Adama cross some more political boundaries as they use a hallucinogenic drug to try to get Baltar to confess any secrets he might have about the cylons. After committing this immoral act, the group decides to actually place Baltar on trial fairly, with a jury and all. This leads to rift-development between Adama and his son (who thankfully was only dressed fat for the first couple episodes of the season). It also helps the season end with a bang, as the final episode has his verdict, as Lee Adama has a telling speech about the nature of everyone during this crisis. And again along with a stunning song, we discover 4 new cylons, some of whom you would NOT expect. Plus Starbuck arrives back unharmed to lead them all to Earth. AMAZING!

Battlestar Galactica

Stay tuned for season 4 folks, it’s the last part of my mission for this TV From The Crypts post- and Biff- better get cooking on those last couple Aliens movies if you want to beat me in the challenge!

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