Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Top Five Creatures From 2013

Hello my slimy followers, how was your 2013? I apologize for being a slacker the last couple weeks with the holidays and only consistently bringing you this amazing creature column on the weekends, I realized it is not nearly enough to satiate your need for Lilith posts. This week I decided with the start of the New Year it would be a good time to reflect back and discuss my favorite creatures from the year 2013. I am sure that there are many creatures I missed since there is only so much time in the year for me to indulge in new books, movies, and TV shows, so I apologize ahead of time to all those of you that want me to write about Pacific Rim, Riddick, or Wolverine, I haven’t gotten to see them yet. But read on for the monsters I loved the most this year so far.


5. Rottweiler-demon-dog from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


Most of you already know that I was quite disappointed in this movie, since it was a great novel, but the one CGI monster that occurred in this movie that they did a stellar job with was the Rottweiler that attacks Clary in her own apartment. It’s interesting that I liked this creature as the monster depicted in the book was not really in the shape of a dog at all, but this movie-version monster was quite horrific. Working with dogs all the time I do like rotties, but I can see why they can be intimidating and just when you think this monster has been blown to bits it morphs in to this grotesque half-squid, half-dog like creature that sends chills up your spines. The acting in the movie sucked, but some of the creatures were fun and this one was my favorite.

4.  Ursas


I’ll likely be bringing you all my review of the movie After Earth shortly which I just caught after its release to Blu-ray. The movie when crazy with CGI, often to its detriment, but the one creation of theirs that was quite creepy and well done was the “ursa”. These blindly violent monsters were created by an alien race to seek out people by smelling the pheromones released when they are scared, and their mission is not only to kill their human victims, but to do so in as violent and torturous a manner as possible so that it induces fear in those that come across their masterpieces of death, causing more pheromones to be released and to set a trap for them to track down more individuals to kill. Interestingly I think one of the reasons that I really enjoy these monsters was their resemblance of “Future Predators” from a favorite retired show of mine, Primeval. The added macabre way that the ursas like to kill their victims made them particularly creepier.

3. Skitters and Aliens


I never tire of aliens, and while I might be a little behind on the most recent episodes from Falling Skies, this show never fails to fulfill your weekly alien need. Not only that, there are multiple species now battling on Earth! This year we saw the introduction of The Volm, a more humanoid like alien than our prior fish-heads and skitters. Skitters remain my favorite by far- thank you Steven Spielberg for deciding to delve in to the land of TV, oh how glorious it has been.

2. Zombies galore


Ok, you all know I am whole-heartedly obsessed with zombies. Luckily this year there were a couple books and movies I could sink my teeth in to about this monster, but the World War Z movie gets my win for the best zombies this year. As Arthur and I have mentioned before, the book and the movie are completely different, but enjoyable in their own way. I have already seen this movie about 6 times since it’s release in early 2013, and will probably watch it many more times to get my needed dose of brain noshing monsters in 2014.

1. Smaug


Dragons are on a lot of our minds these days thanks to Game of Thrones and other various movies and novels featuring them. But I have to give the credit to Smaug for being the best portrayal of a dragon yet this year. Yes, I was sadly a little disappointed in this movie overall, and there were lots of creatures in it I could have highlighted, but Smaug was by far and away the best part of the entire flick. Enormous in size, dazzling in appearance, and yes folks, sporting that sweet sexy voice of Benedict Cumberbatch. Bloody hell I am sold. Of course, if you have seen the ending then you know that I was deeply disappointed that the movie cutout when it did, but it gives us dragon lovers a LOT to look forward to next year. Smaug, bringer of fire, bringer of death, I look forward to getting more of you in 2014.

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  1. I totally agree- love the animated version! I wrote about it in my first creature comforts post on Goblins too. Sean Connery’s dragon in Dragonheart is pretty good, and I am curious to see how the dragons in Game of Thrones develops.

  2. A very nice list. I haven’t seen most of these movies yet, but I wholeheartedly concur about Smaug. I’d even go so far as to say he’s the best depiction of a dragon ever on film. Not that he has much competition, other than the creature in Dragonslayer and the one in Dragonheart. Of course, part of me is still very partial to the animated Smaug. I can’t offhand think of any other great live-action dragons.

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