Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

Hello my monster followers, this month I have been highlighting Jim Henson’s amazing creature creations every Saturday, which I am sure you have enjoyed. You might have wondered why I had the idea in the first place to delve into this topic. Well with this being the last weekend of December, and the weekend after Christmas let me explain: I was trying to think of a theme that was Christmas related and I started thinking what was my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I sadly realized that I don’t have any. Seriously. Yes I love A Christmas Story, and as a child I enjoyed Home Alone though I probably couldn’t stand it now. As I pondered what movie embodies Christmas to me I suddenly pictured a group of otters, covered in snow, playing a jug band and remembered: Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas!


This movie was a personal favorite as a child, which is why I started thinking about Jim Henson and dedicated the entire last month of creatures to him. Now sadly the creatures from this Christmas favorite are not exotic or of the fantastical kind, but they are just darn cute.


After doing some research I found out that the story was written by Russell Hoban in 1969, but that Jim Henson adapted it for a TV special in 1977. This story is about a widow otter and her son Emmet who struggle to get by in a town full of various species of animals, but in an attempt to give each other a special gift for Christmas they both sell each other’s livelihood to enter a musical competition as a jug band.


While Jim Henson is more well known for his muppets and Sesame Street creations (both of which have their own Christmas specials too), this town where the otters live and play their jug band songs is quite full of perfect puppet creatures: from otters to foxes, bullfrogs to minks.  And the family of two otters that star at the end are two of my favorite real life creatures ever created by Jim Henson.

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