Modern Superhero Movies And The Companies That Make Them


Let’s talk about the Amazing Spider-Man film series, shall we? As you may know Sony has rebooted the Spider-Man film franchise with its first movie in 2012. It made sense, the original Sam Rami helmed Spider-Man movies were successful and in its wake the superhero movie genre had exploded. Christopher Nolan proved that the general public can accept a swift reboot of a franchise if it’s done right.

It’s shocking that recently 3 more sequels were announced for the Amazing Spider-Man, the second of which is coming out in the summer of 2014. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to feature both Electro and the Rhino as villains well as Harry & Norman Osborne with a teaser shot of the Green Goblin on a promotional poster. I must admit, the trailer looks pretty good. I’m nervous though that for one, Sony is biting off more than they can chew. Everyone wants to follow the Marvel Cinematic method to create a full bodied universe where characters can cross over and spin off into other films. Here’s the thing, Marvel had a lot of successful properties to include and had a slow build up where each character could be highlighted over a few years thus creating a fervor for them all appearing together in one movie as the Avengers. DC is also trying their hand at the accelerated version of this with the sequel to Man Of Steel by including both Batman and Wonder Woman. Hell, Fox is getting in on it too with X-Men: Days Of The Future Past by combining casts from the First Class as well as the previous 3 installments as a way to help tie in the franchise. That one at least is unique and kind of makes sense a little more given the storyline.


The need to push things forward so quickly makes sense, these companies are all competing against each other in a big market where the profitable superhero cinematic bubble seems like it could burst at any moment (how could it possibly get any bigger?). I can’t fault them for that, plus since the movies aren’t out yet I can’t really criticize them either, they could all be great. What I will criticize however is green lighting projects so far in advance of which both Sony and Fox are guilty of this. The Amazing Spider-Man I’m sure did well financially and was (all things considered) a decent enough Spider-Man film. Shortly after it was released they announced they will do a follow up movie, ok well no complaints there that seem pretty normal. Then they announced 2 more films will be in the series. Even more recently they announced 2 spin off movies including a Venom movie and a Sinister Six one! I don’t even want to get into what I think about those, but isn’t SONY concerned that Amazing Spider-Man 2 might flop or have some serious backlash? Shouldn’t they wait to see how it does first before announcing 4 future movies?  Maybe have those ideas in you back pocket and possibly even begin filming them and just not formally announced it to the media?  Fox did the same thing to a lesser degree with the future 2016 release of X-Men: Apocalypse. Don’t get me wrong, Days Of The Future Past sounds pretty damn interesting, but there’s so much involved with it that it could very well end up being a colossal clusterfuck. How can you bankroll a movie sequel based on hype for a not yet released movie?

I’m sure there’s some hypocrisy in all this given Marvel’s Cinematic approach, but theirs (which seems to be the gold standard) seems different than everyone elses. My guess is that after the first Iron Man movie they announced the rest of the movies that would culminate with the Avengers, but I don’t recall. It was designed that all the “solo” movies could act as standalone films with a big lead up, so it wouldn’t necessarily matter if say the first Thor movie did as well as the first Cap movie, the viewer gets to pick and choose and there isn’t one main series whose success hinges on the rest.


Maybe I’m crazy and this very well could be a waste of your time to read this. It’s been bothering me so I wanted to get it out there. Do you feel the same way? Do you want to mutilate me? Leave it below and let me know.

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