Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Ludo

In addition to my adoration of all the creatures from The Dark Crystal, I am also a huge fan of Labyrinth, another amazing Jim Henson movie. I mean, how can you not love David Bowie as the Goblin King?! But since we are talking creatures in this column I wanted to spotlight Ludo this week, one of my favorite creatures in the movie that I would love to have as my own companion.


What is Ludo? I have to say, I don’t exactly know. He is a gigantic monster that looks like a troll with horns, or maybe an over-sized goblin? They never actually say, just calling him a monster, but with his enormous imposing size and his scary (and hairy) appearance you would think he would be quite a formidable monster. Instead Ludo is a kind-hearted, gentle soul that obviously was born in the wrong body.


Ludo is rescued by the movie’s heroine, Sarah, after the goblins unfairly tortured him. In recognition of Sarah’s help, Ludo becomes her movie companion as they travel on her quest to save her stepbrother.

One of the few talents Ludo has is that he can summon rocks, which he can then amply throw at things to crush or destroy them. In this fashion he reminds me of another favorite character of mine, Fezzik from the Princess Bride.

Being that he is a Jim Henson creation, I found it very interesting to learn how Ludo was acted in the movie: there were two performers that alternating being inside his massive body to achieve it. And the inside of his face had two small TV monitors, one showing footage taken in real time from a camera hidden in Ludo’s horn, and the other from the camera filming the movie as they shot it. Quite a feat to think about, and I can’t imagine how freaking hot it must have been in that suit. Once again referring to my prior history, I have spent many times in a large tiger or pig suit protesting some even for an animal rights group, so I completely sympathize with the amazing actors that pulled off Ludo.


While he is not as cut cuddly as Snuffleupagus, another Henson creation, I think Ludo is one of my favorites and one I would much rather have on my side for any mythical quest or adventure.

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