We got ourselves an Ant-Man! (For Reals…)

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Nerds the world-over have been speculating exactly who would play Ant-Man in the much anticipated Edgar Wright film that’s been in production for years now. At one point people (including myself) thought that it might be Nathan Fillion and Simon Pegg’s name has been thrown around. Last night word hit on the street that Paul Rudd will suit up as the pint-size Avenger in the film that is supposed to launch “Phase Three” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rumors have also been flying for months that one of Rudd’s old cast-mates; Rashida Jones was on the short list to play The Wasp.

On one hand I’m surprised about Rudd in the roll, because I don’t really see him as superhero material, but on the other I can see him as Pym. One of the big red flags about the Ant-Man/Wasp relationship is his temper and abuse towards Jan, which I think will be downplayed, in the same way that they treated Iron Man’s alcoholism. Plus, I think Rashida could kick Paul’s ass! 🙂

I bet we'll see more of this...

I bet we’ll see more of this…

and not so much this....again bc she'd kick his ass! :)

and not so much this….again bc she’d kick his ass! 🙂

Either way I trust that Edgar Wright will give us a fun and action-packed Marvel flick. Let us know in the comments what you think about Rudd as Hank Pym/Ant-Man!

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