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Greetings evil geeks, I have hijacked the Villain Spotlight yet again to bring you one of my all time favorite evil-doers, one that I still reminisce about from childhood. We all have certain shows or movies that we associate with our young days, but for me Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a personal favorite. In fact, as a side note, your favorite demon mother Lilith never really got in to the whole “Disney Princess” thing as a child.  Instead I was running around with a fake whip pretending to be Indy or playing “Batman and Robin” with a young Arthur Harkness and company from middle school on. But the one woman I did look up to and want to be was Jessica Rabbit, which of course led to an awkward explanation from my mother of why I could not be here for Halloween at the age of 8.

Forgive me, I digress, now we return to the character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit that we are placing in the spotlight this week: Judge Doom. Also known as Baron Von Rotten, this diabolical mastermind was one of Christopher Lloyd’s best performances.

Shave and a haircut....

Shave and a haircut….

The Judge Doom that we are first presented with in the movie is a calculating leader of henchmen, assigned to help regulate the law in a town filled with cartoons. He claims to be in charge of keeping things regulated, but he comes off as more of a Tony Soprano or Michael Corleone. Of course that makes sense when his alterior motives are revealed: for a number of financially profitable reasons he would love to erase Toon Town completely so that a highway can be built through the area instead.


Judge Doom is ruthless, and his method of punishing cartoons that he finds guilty for some reason or another is horrifying: it is “The Dip”. This mixture of acetone, turpentine, and other chemicals essentially erases the cartoon completely, effectively killing them as they will no longer exist. Even as a child I was terrified to think what dissolving in “The Dip” must feel like.

We eventually find out that in addition to being ruthless, a murderer, and having a Hitler complex, Judge Doom is also a hypocrite: he hates toons so much and in the end we find out he is one. His name then becomes Toon, the man who murdered the brother of one of the main characters Eddie the Detective. Of course, it is this scene where Toon reinflates himself in to a monstrosity and reveals his real voice, a high-pitched whistling scream, that has forever etched this villain in my mind as a hair-raising terror. He even can turn his cartoon eyes in to daggers to kill his enemies, how amazing is that?!


Of course, Doom/Toon does meet his demise in the end, at the hands of the own “Dip” he created to kill other toons. While it was a cartoon, I remember being disgusted and terrified at the same time as I watched him melt away, the scene being an adequate rival to the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Judge Doom yet I am so sorry for you, you must be so deprived of good entertainment. So now is the time to get out there and find a copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit to enjoy this incredible villain whom we can all admire.

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  1. Hell yeah, it would be epic if we could have a reunion game some day on the East Coast- though the cops are probably more likely to get worried about adults running around the woods and backyards of Tull Drive than they were of teenagers…and I’m probably not as fast as previously when it comes to escaping!

  2. oh man….those games of Batman and Robin were so awesome. I seriously would not be opposed to a reunion game at some point down the road haha. Arthur is made for the shadows haha

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