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First off, I’d like to apologize to our loyal readers for being late with this but I caught a touch of the zombie plague that’s been going around. Although I’m on my feet again, I kinda feel like Glenn at the moment, ya know, alive but somewhat useless :P. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about me, we’re hear to talk about S.H.I.E.L.D. and in this past weeks episode, The Bridge we bring back Mike Peterson (the dude from the first episode) to backup the team on a mission that just might expose the series baddie Centipede!

Our show opens in Havenwood Federal Penitentiary where we see a crew of folks who have the Extremis-style Centipede arm gauntlets bust into the mess hall to break out the creepy guy that was last seen at the end of the Girl with the Flower Dress episode. He completely knows that they are coming and continues to sit quietly and eat during the entire process, one of the team members yells at him to move it and he stays seated until they call him Sir. Completely classic diabolical villain scene.


On the BUS, Skye is still attempting to get info on her parents and thinks that she may have a lead on who her mother is, but is hoping to have Coulson give her open net access back, he tells her that he has May looking into it, which Skye isn’t too happy with, but accepts. Coulson tells her that that May can keep things secret. We move to May and Ward sparring, they begin to flirt a little bit and Coulson comes out of nowhere to tell them that they have a meeting.

The team looks over footage from the escape and sees a small army of the Centipede super soldiers. Apparently the man they broke out of prison was Edison Po, ex-marine and expert in tactical and rapid response. He went off the grid years back and when he emerged he stabbed someone in a restaurant and then kept on eating his meal (sounds like a psychopath. :)) The only lead they have to go on is the name of one of the Centipede soldiers, so they start digging for info on him. Along with that, HQ has decided to give the team some backup on this mission, someone that they have met before. Queue up Mike Peterson, the guy who went all Super Soldier crazy from the first episode. Well, now he’s at a S.H.I.E.L.D. training facility trying to become the next Captain America. Coulson shows up and tells him to suit up! Peterson comes on the BUS and May tells Coulson that this is a bad idea. Mike tells Phil that he appreciates this and just wants a 2nd chance, Coulson tells him that there will not be a third. The rest of the team isn’t too keen on Mike either and are talking about him when Coulson brings him in for introductions. Mike tells them all how thankful he is for saving his life. He sees Skye and she tells him that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t too bad after all. Coulson has Mike go through a bunch of tests before they let him in the field. While measuring him up for a special suit that will relay his vitals back to the team, Fitz and Simmons ask him how he stopped the Extremis. He tells them that the Night-Night gun somehow stabilized the chain reaction and destroyed the explosive part of extremes from his system.

We cut to Ward and Coulson in the field riding around in Lola looking for the sister of one of the Centipede soldiers. Ward is reading courses aloud from a college catalog and reads about Women’s Courses and Coulson starts to reminisce. He tells ward about the cellist that he told Pepper about in The Avengers and how she thinks he’s dead. He was in love with her but had to keep up the illusion because the Avengers and the rest of the world sees him as a dead man. Ward asks him about relationships in the service, and he tells him it’s not a good idea either. I liked this scene, because it showed exactly how human Coulson wants to be, (ya know, bc I think he’s an LMD or The Vision-to-be. :))

Talking Ladies

Back to the BUS Skye goes to talk to May. She tells her that she has some info on her mom and that Coulson told her that she was looking into it, but May is not receptive and tells her that they are on a mission. So she gives her some info on Po. It seems that the only person who ever visited him in prison was the girl in the flower dress. Mike comes in and recognizes her as Rena, the one who recruited him for Centipede. They have a video of Rena and Po meeting in prison and using some fancy S.H.I.E.L.D. lip-reading software to see Po tell her something about a clairvoyant. We move to Po and Rena, she tells him about the S.H.I.E.L.D. team and how they’ve had to move bases because they’ve shut them down twice. They have to keep moving and it’s taking a toll on the Centipede soldiers as they need down-time after their missions. Po thinks that something will have to be done to them, and they speak with one another about the Clairvoyant.

Back to Coulson and Ward. May contacts Coulson and tells him about the clairvoyant, he doesn’t think it’s real, but rather a code-name for the field. Ward find the sister and tells her that he’s from the lottery commission and that her brother won a jackpot but they can’t track him down. She tells them that she doesn’t know where he is, so Ward gives her a business card and tells her to call him if she remembers. When he leaves she calls her brother immediately. Like everything in the spy world, the business card was a S.H.I.E.L.D. do-hickey that transfers the brother’s location info the the folks on the BUS!

Coulson gives Mike his suit and tells him he’s in. Coulson goes over the OP and Skye asks about backup, so Phil points to Mike. Half the team goes into an empty warehouse which looks like a trap. Centipede soldiers jump out of large shipping containers and a battle ensues. The night-night guns aren’t working and the regular agents are getting their asses handed to them. Mike holds his own for a bit but is overpowered, he makes a comeback and knocks one of the soldiers out cold. Coulson gets in his face and wants to know about Centipede. The soldier starts freaking out about not talking and CLICK…he’s dead. His eyeball fills with blood like we saw back in the Eye Spy episode. Damn, Centipede is even bigger than imagined!

The eyeball camera was streamed to a video feed that Po and Rena were watching and she was surprised to see Mike Peterson. He still has his powers without the injections? Po tells her that he is the key to Stage 3! On the BUS, the team is examining the eye implant and Coulson tells the team that he is calling it into HQ. We go back to Po and Rena and he has just finished speaking with the clairvoyant, she tries to get info from him and he tells her that the last person who did this ended up dead, but that he put a good word in for her… (she’s gonna be cannon fodder.)

Back on the BUS, Ward is boozing it up and May gives him hell for trying to look out for her in the field. He tells her it was a tactical choice and to get over it. Skye hears it all and when May sees her she blows up on her about the search for her family which sends her into a tizzy herself and rips apart all of her research. Mike and Coulson have a talk about why he hasn’t seen his son lately, and he tells him it’s because he was a monster the last time and wants to make him proud. He’s afraid of how he will feel about him. Phil tells him that this life kind of sucks, and he should be there for his kid. Mike does what anyone would do and picks up the phone to call his boy but finds out that Rena and company are there to grab him and want a trade.

The double-cross

Centipede wants to trade Mike for his son so they can experiment on him and get to their phase 3. Coulson comes up with a plan to get his son back so they tag Mike with an odorless scent that Simmons can follow and set up a trade. The entire team waits in the wings and Coulson escorts him down. Rena starts to banter with Coulson, but he just wants to make the trade and thats when Mike apologizes to Phil. Centipede never wanted Mike, they wanted Coulson!!! Mike grabs Rena’s throat and attempts to double-cross her but she tells him that her employer doesn’t care about her life and will kill his son. Coulson makes the choice to go with Rena and they give Mike his son back. This entire deal is happening behind a large 18-wheeler so Ward who is on a sniper rifle can’t see what is going on. Eventually the team sees that Mike and his son are walking back but Phil is nowhere in site. Ward sees Coulson being escorted to a car and the team runs in to help. Mike gives his son to Skye and asks her to watch him and runs back after Coulson and the big truck explodes as well as the car Phil was in apparently killing them both. A helicopter emerges from the wreckage, shoots and hits Ward in the snipers station and takes off. Aboard the copter, both Po and Rena begin to speak with Coulson. He thinks they are going to attempt to trade him for info, so he has his strong S.H.I.E.L.D.-Agent face on. She tells him that they want him to tell them what happened the day after he died… Buuuummmpppp….Buuuummmpppp….Buuuummmpppp!!!

OK, pretty good for a mid-season finale. I enjoyed the double cross at the end and that Centipede is bigger than what it seemed at first. At one point I was pretty sure it was really HYDRA, and I’m sticking to it. I think it would be pretty easy for Rena to be Madame Hydra and Po to be a Strucker-like character and that there is a mole in S.H.I.E.L.D. feeding them intel on whatever Coulson really is. When the series comes back we are supposed to see some new agents that have more field experience, most likely so they can hunt for Coulson. I hope that they don’t find him right away, but at the same time that we still get a good 10-15 minutes per episode with good ‘ol Phil. Here’s an idea too, May has gotten really emotional to Skye lately. It could be the whole Ward thing, but I’m thinking it’s something else… maybe has to do with her parents? hmmmmmmmmmm…….

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