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If you grew up in the 80’s like I did, you probably bought some games and were disappointed, because some of them sucked. How were you to know? It’s not like you could play a demo. Not too long ago gamers bought games at a risk. You won some, you lost some. Licensed games were even more of a risk. Flashy covers and a big brand name were all that was needed to sell a game back then. There was one license worth betting on and that was Disney. Disney offered so many titles that you were bound to stumble upon a good one. By the way, Ducktales is by far the undisputed champion.

Recently, Disney has come up with a new way to suck even more money out of you, and unlike many of its other properties, this is worth every penny. Disney INFINITY was released in August and has been in my home since September. Early sales have been good. The company release sales records over the two week launching period, which indicated roughly 300,000 starter packs sold. That’s really good considering what they were offering (MonstersUniversity, Cars, The Incredibles and the Lone Ranger).


The Basics

You buy a starter pack that includes 3 separate game worlds, each with its own character. The game worlds are located on a cube that you have to place on the game pedestal in order to play a level.

By the way, guard this like your daughters virginity. Without it you can’t access any of the game levels. You can only use the characters in an open world setting.

The game plays really well. Each level is an open world map that will take you on fun and somewhat challenging (depending on your age or retardness) adventures throughout your favorite Disney world. You can only use characters that are apart of that level. Unfortunately, Mr. Incredible can’t fight pirates in the Caribbean or go to MonstersUniversity. In the open world’s mode you can create your own maps you can use any character you like.

Along the way you’ll encounter iconic bad guys or take part in adventures right from your favorite movies. Whether it’s taking down Syndromes army of robots, sailing the open seas as Captain Jack Sparrow or competing in the Monster games, you’ll spend countless of hours fun, joyfully completing mission after mission.

Graphics and Gameplay


Each world looks great as well as the characters. The frame rate tends to slow down based on the amount of chaos surrounding you. The controls are basic and easy to learn. All the animations and or attacks look great. The camera can be dizzying, especially when you’re battling multiple foes. The voice acting is dead on. The characters you use and the world you interact in are authentic and make you feel like your in a movie and not a game. This isn’t some cheap nock off version, it’s the real thing.

One cool part of INFINITY is the ability to create your own maps with their own unique challenges. There is nothing you can’t create. It all depends upon the in game rewards you earn or the loot you collect during story mode or have purchased. For example, I’ve constructed a racing mini-game on my open world map that features a jump through the mouth of the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin. It’s pretty f’n cool!

inifinity 6

infinity 8


The Bottom Line

If you purchase the INFINITY you will be spending a lot more money. That’s where Disney gets you. There universe is huge. There is over seventy years of content and characters to throw at you, and in my case, my children. When you purchase the INFINITY you are not only are you purchasing a game, you’re buying great looking Disney figures that you can play with as well. My son is younger than my daughter. He really can’t play the game without help. He loves playing with the figures.

If you have children and you play along with them, you will be constantly reminded by your kids and the game, about the characters you don’t own. Some challengers are locked and require another character to unlock them. The starter packs are 69.99 and the additional figures are 12.99 a piece. Be on the look out for bargains and deals, but beware, this time of year some the prices have skyrocketed online for certain figures. So maybe wait until the new year to find Wreck it Ralph.


One cool feature during game play, is that you can play a demo video of a character that you don’t own when you’re at any of their challenge locations. Now that’s advertising! I’m not sure what I will end up spending by the time my kids grow out of this system. Seeing as they’re both young, I should be in dept to Disney for years to come. With the new additions of both the Marvel and Star Wars licenses, not to mention the hundreds of characters and dozens of worlds still yet to be revealed, the possibilities of how much I will spend is too scary to even think about.
infinity 7

If you love gaming and Disney, you need to buy this! If you have kids that love Disney, you need to buy this! If you’re a Disney fanatic and secretive about playing video games intended for a younger audience, YOU NEED TO BUY THIS!!!

Peace out Geek Nation!

RATING: 8.5/10

Till all are Greek!!!

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