Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Landstriders


In addition to sticking with the Jim Henson theme this week, I am also sticking with the same movie as last week’s creature spotlight. This week we will be exploring landstriders, another Henson wonder that inhabits the world of The Dark Crystal. I really wonder where Henson and his buddies got the idea for these creatures, but they are at once bizarre and amazing. I have had numerous dreams with these creatures in them since I first saw them, as they are at once unique and powerful.

The landstriders are a gentle, 4-legged species that stands almost 20 feet tall. These long legs allow them to run incredibly fast, and at times are used as an effective mode of transportation. It is hard for me to describe them well with words, but I feel like they are a mixture between a giraffe and a circus performer on stilts. The latter probably comes to mind since that is probably how they designed and made the creatures work in the films. But if you ever have been lucky enough to see giraffes in real life their gait at a run is a beautiful and awkward combination of a chaotic gallop. It really is amazing they have the balance that they do.


Landstriders are also amazingly good fighters in battle, as strange as that sounds. They have a keen intelligence and despite their legs seeming to be fragile, they are quite sturdy in battle, covered with toothlike projections to make them all the more dangerous. Their faces are also quite a chimera, seeming a mixture of a crab and a mouse, thei shoulders have rabbit ears, and in their mouth lies a stinger that looks like a butterfly probiscus yet packs a wallop of electricity if you happen to get stung by it in battle.


I think of all the Henson creatures I could talk about this is truly one of my favorites, cause it really makes me wonder where in the hell did the design for this come from?! They are truly amazing, and despite their mixture of random body parts that don’t seem to fit, together they do really have an awe-inspiring effect.

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  1. One of my all time favorite movies for sure!!!

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