Zombie Round Up: Bonus Round Up!

18870-the-walking-dead-the-walking-deadEvil Geeks, it’s no secret that I love zombies.  I wouldn’t be spending approximately 16 Sunday nights each year furiously typing away all the latest developments concerning The Walking Dead.  It would even be fair to say that I have somewhat of a fascination with the undead.  Pay no attention to those human skin-bound books in the back corner of the Evil Lair’s Library, that’s some serious magic you don’t want to mess with.  However, the dark arts don’t hold exclusive rights to reanimating the dead.  In fact, there’s a plethora of ways that we could end up fighting off the elderly and recently deceased circus clowns, hopelessly fighting a losing war for survival in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  I’ve spent years study how to fight off the undead, but luckily for all of us our friends over at Neo Mammalian Studios have been compiling info on just exactly how the zombies might one day arise and boot us to the bottom of the food chain.  While we’re spending the winter break looking for Hershel’s head and Rick’s missing kid, let’s take a little time to learn how this nightmare just might unfold!

Zombie Invasion Infographic



Zombie Invasion Infographic [Infographic] by the team at wish.co.uk

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Too Far Gone

Dead Weight

Dead Weight

Live Bait

Live Bait


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  1. Some fairly good ideas for possible zombie apocalypse.

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    @Parttimemonster: I see your zombieproof vehicles and raise you one epidemiological risk analysis.

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