Pulp Corner: Black Science #1

Normally, I’m not a staunch sci-fi advocate, but reading Ender’s Game recently opened up my eyes and made me think  differently about the genre. When I saw an advertisement for Rick Remender’s & Matteo Scalera’s inaugural issue of their new series Black Science, I knew I had to check it out.


It reeks of old school pulpy sci-fi adventure. If there’s one thing Biff loves its old school adventure and what better way than to dress it up and pass it off as sci-fi? I’m all for it.

What followed was 20 or so pages of glorious eye candy, cover to cover. Black Science is chuck full of lush, exotic alien terrain and life forms reminding me of Saga a bit, but this is more in your face and the coloring is purposely muted to conjure up a long bygone era of publishing.

The book throws you right into the thick of it without giving you time to pause as we find our lead Grant McKay and Jenny are running for their lives through a gauntlet of this planet’s nightmarish inhabitants. It’s clear that something has gone terribly wrong. As the story continues we begin to piece together that these two are not alone. McKay’s entire family as well as a few other members of the Anarchist League Of Scientists are trapped there with him. Black Science pushes forward relentlessly as McKay narrates his regrets and guilt over what he’s done and the man he’s become.


The narrative I’m sure will continue to unfold and fit into place, but even if it was the worst story ever I wouldn’t care. This book is an absolute joy to look at. There doesn’t even need to be any printed words in the comic and this is coming from someone who normally places story far above a book’s art.

It’s a welcome change to have another pulp adventure style book on the shelves that can fit nicely with Image’s Five Ghosts series instead of the endless parade of old school vigilante pulp heroes that Dynamite is churning out. We’re seemingly in the center of a pulp revival, but Black Science promises to be one of the only series worth keeping your eye one.

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