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Hello my fellow West Coast Geeks, I am hoping I have infected some new followers now that I have translocated myself from the Dark Side of the United States. And today I wanted to let all our West Coast Sith Lords know there is a great new exhibit to check out in the area: The Star Wars Exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum!

Ever since I made it to the Bay Area I have been wanting to check out this fun and temporary exhibit, so this week was finally my week to do so. The show is a special exhibit at the Tech Museum that will be up until February, so stay calm, you still have time to check it out.


Basically the exhibit features tons of costumes, models, and props from all 6 Star Wars movies. And some of the accompanying commentary are really great. Of course I was just on Cloud Nine being able to see these models and costumes used in the original movies, but there are also several short TV shows accompanying the various starships and props, explaining how to footage, sound, and acting all came together in timeless scenes. My favorite part of the exhibit was definitely the Millenium Falcon section, since she really is a character all on her own.

Your very own Lilith about to get eaten by a wampa (sorry, no flash allowed).

Your very own Lilith about to get eaten by a wampa (sorry, no flash allowed).

So geeks, if you happen to be lucky enough to live in California, or if you can squeeze in a visit before February, I definitely recommend a trek to the Tech Museum to check out all the droids you might be looking for!

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  1. Awesome! I’d love to check it out. I’m way up in Oregon, but it might be a doable drive. For Star Wars. Also, to get out of Oregon.

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