Zombie Round Up: Too Far Gone

We’re finally back to the prison, Evil Geeks!  After taking a divergent path for the past two weeks, we follow the Governor back to the prison in order to settle the score with Rick and Michonne.  Can these two sides reach an understanding before any blood is spilled?  If you read the comic, then you know that the answer to that question is a resounding “Nope.”  Shit got real tonight kids, so let’s get right down to the review. Consider this your spoiler warning!

thewalkingdead_408_3Even though we saw a glimmer of humanity deep down inside “Brian” for the past two weeks, by the time “Too Far Gone” starts up, the former Governor is exactly just that.  He’s barely making a convincing case to his new flock of people for taking over the prison instead of just asking if there’s room for them there.  He tells his people that the residents of the prison are the ones who destroyed his previous community and killed his daughter. However it seems as if some of the assembled crowd might not be 100% sold on the plan, especially after he tells them that he kidnapped Michonne and Hershel.  One of the people not buying the plan is Lily, the Gov’s new main squeeze.  She tries to convince him that maybe he’d better serve his people by just forgetting about this and staying home.  He of course doesn’t listen, which of course is a decision that absolutely, 100%, for sure, in no way, will come back to bite him in the ass.

ustv-the-walking-dead-s04-e08-5Back at the prison, we finally get to see the after effects of Rick’s banishment of Carol as far as Darryl goes.  As predicted, he was pretty steamed up about it, but it seems not so much so that he doesn’t understand the decision.  He wishes that Rick would have talked to him first, but once Rick explained the Tyreese situation, Darryl seemed to understand a little more.  Rick and Darryl are about to tell Tyreese about Carol, but Tyreese stops them first and tells them there’ s something they need to see.  It seems someone has been dissecting rats and Tyreese has stumbled across the remnants of one such experiment.  Tyreese thinks the person killing the rats is also the person who burned the two people earlier.   We know it’s not Carol, but I think I have a theory on who the suspect is.  If we harken back to the comics, you’ll remember the twins that Dale and Andrea were taking care of.  One of those twins was a normal kid, but the other was a stone cold psychopath. It’s easy to remember which one is which, the one who didn’t kill his twin brother because he was bored was the one that wasn’t the psycho.  I’m thinking that for the show, they’ve changed things up a bit and instead of having the characters be identical twins, the writers decided to just make them plain old siblings.  On top of that, they’ve changed the genders of the kids and now they’re girls instead of boys. SPECIFICALLY I’m thinking that one of those little blonde girls who Carol was taking care of is the one who left the grisly dissection tableau and has been feeding the rats to the walkers.   Unfortunately we won’t be able to find out just yet, because just as the Rick and Darryl are about to break the news to Tyreese, the Governor rings the doorbell of the prison by taking out one of the guard towers with the gun on the tank. Ugghhh…there really is nothing worse than unexpected house guests.

td-episode-408-poll-325The Governor wants to deal only with Rick, but Rick tells him that he isn’t the one making the decisions anymore, because the hallmark of a great leader is pretending to not be in charge as soon as a situation gets a little hairy.  Way to lead, Rick. Way to lead.  The Governor doesn’t care that Rick isn’t calling the shots, he still only wants to deal with Rick.  What follows is the TV version of one of the most memorable moments in the entire run of the comic, of course with some of the roles switched around.  This time Hershel is the one who gets the Tyreese treatment, with both Beth and Maggie watching on in horror.  I’m honestly sad to see Hershel go.  He was filling the role that Dale played in the comic; the father figure of the group, but where Dale turned into a grating annoyance as a character before his death, Hershel was waaaaaayyyy more likeable in that patriarchal position.  The group won’t be the same without that wise, old, one-legged, former drunk hobbling around, but I guess that’s kind of the point though: that death leaves a hole in your life that can’t be replaced, no matter how hard you try.

So  when I said that the Governor’s decision to not skip the whole war with the prison thing wouldn’t come back to bite him in the ass, technically I wasn’t lying.  It doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass, it comes back to bite Megan (Lily’s daughter) in the neck.  Despite being the master tactician that he his, the Governor sets up his new found family in a safe spot, that’s actually in the middle of a flash flood area.  Lily becomes wrapped up in being a bad parent and as Megan is playing in the mud, she inadvertently unearths a zombie that had been buried in the earth by the constant flooding. The underground zombie promptly comes back and takes a little nibble on her jugular vein.  Is it me or does this kind of prove that Penny (the Gov’s first zombie daughter) didn’t really die due to an unfortunate zombie invasion, so much as she probably died because of lackluster parenting om the Gov’s behalf. Lily takes Meghan’s body to the Governor at the prison battle, just in to see him slice off Hershel’s head.  What’s the Governor’s response to seeing Lily carrying Megan’s corpse?  He coldly puts a bullet in the child’s head at point-blank range. Understandably, Lily is a little perturbed by the days events.  She warned the Governor not to leave and because he did, her daughter is now dead, which means that he’s probably not her FAVORITE person in the world right now. Upon stumbling across a mortally wounded Governor at the end of the battle, helping him recover is seriously the last thing on Lily’s mind, as she promptly puts a bullet in his head, thus ending the career of a truly memorable TV villain.  David Morrissey really brought the character to life and I’m for sure sad to see him go.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-8-Video-Preview-and-Sneak-Peek-Too-Far-GoneUltimately nothing is gained from the skirmish, as the Governors forces, tank and all, are routed by the prison folk and in the fracas the prison fences are destroyed.  The prison populace is not scattered to the wind as some people take off in the emergency bus and the stragglers (including Rick and Carl) are left behind to fend for themselves.  It wasn’t really clear on whether or not the group had a rendezvous point or if they’ve all gone their separate ways for good, but you get the feeling that Rick and Carl are in for some tough shit in the times to come. Now, you’re probably asking “Hey C-Mart, didn’t Rick have a daughter?” Yes, he initially did have a daughter, but guess what now she’s a snack (maybe).  Rick and Carl locate Judith’s baby carrier, but much to their horror they find it empty marked with some blood stains.  Now I realize that they can’t show up torn up baby chunks on TV, but it’s tough to say with any certainty that Judith is in fact dead.  Maybe in the scramble somebody with bloody hands picked her up and got her on the bus?  We don’t know for sure since we didn’t see a body, so we’ll have to wait and see if this sticks or not.  With the exception of the two Governor-centric episodes, I really enjoyed the first half of season 4.  We lost some familiar faces, but who knows who or what we’ll be encountering in the second half of the season.  Make sure to stop back in February when the show returns for another Zombie Round Up!


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