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Four Old School Video Games That Should Be Comic Books

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Archie Comics’ Mega Man but it got me thinking besides a few notable exceptions why aren’t there more comic books based on old school video games? It seems like a strange oversight. Perhaps there’s an issue acquiring the legal rights, but never the less here is a hastily assembled list (with a little help from Arthur Harkness) of those that I feel could transition flawlessly.

1. The Final Fantasy Series 


Even if you only adapted the first 3 U.S. releases in the series you’d still have enough story to make a killer book. There’s a significant lack of high fantasy books on the shelf to begin with, throw in some incredibly iconic looking characters (Black Mage from FF1 anyone?), some cover art by concept designer Yoshitaka Amano and you got yourself a stew/book. The beauty of it is in the first game the plot is pretty basic, but you could incorporate so many more story points while keeping franchise essentials as part of it. The next two games (especially FF3) boast pretty complex storylines that would fit well if it were adapted.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Scarlet Spider: Into The Grave + Hands Covered In Blood (Series Finale)


So the Scarlet Spider series has finally ended. Yay(?) This book certainly had its ups and downs but started off so promisingly. We’re going to take a look at the final two arcs including the issue #25 series finale after the jump, so be forewarned you’ll be in spoiler town.

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Ep 058 – A Farewell To the 11th Doctor



Christmas just wrapped up, so that means it’s time for the Evil Geeks to talk the Doctor Who Christmas Special!  Laugh, cry and remember with the Evil Geeks as they bid a fond farewell to Matt Smith and get all excited for Peter Capaldi to take the controls of the TARDIS (even if he may not know exactly how to fly it yet).  Arthur Harkness, Big Evil, and C-Mart talk all the latest news from Trenzalore and even get weepy eyed over the departed Handles.  It’s an all Evil Geek Whovian extravaganza!

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The Things I Do For Comics – The Mighty Marvel Superheroes’ Cookbook

So often, when I set down to write an installment in this series of articles, I do so without joy. Then again, that’s the very idea of the column; I put my sanity on the line to read the worst of the worst so that you fair readers never have to. I suppose you could say that I’m a hero, sure… but I don’t do it for the glory, I do it because if I don’t no one will. This week, however, I stumbled across a bit of history that was delightfully dreadful, and I want the rest of the world to see it in all of its glory… or at least a few dozen people.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

Hello my monster followers, this month I have been highlighting Jim Henson’s amazing creature creations every Saturday, which I am sure you have enjoyed. You might have wondered why I had the idea in the first place to delve into this topic. Well with this being the last weekend of December, and the weekend after Christmas let me explain: I was trying to think of a theme that was Christmas related and I started thinking what was my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I sadly realized that I don’t have any. Seriously. Yes I love A Christmas Story, and as a child I enjoyed Home Alone though I probably couldn’t stand it now. As I pondered what movie embodies Christmas to me I suddenly pictured a group of otters, covered in snow, playing a jug band and remembered: Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas!


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Horror of Horrors: The Exorcist 40th Anniversary

exorcist title

You know, if there is one thing that the holiday season has taught me this year, it’s that you cannot take certain things for granted and forget those things that made you what you are……and I am fucking ashamed of myself for not realizing that yesterday was the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest horror movies ever made…The Exorcist. I was just too emotional from the tearful goodbye we bid to Matt Smith on Christmas in the Doctor Who special, but alas, my black heart was reminded of its roots by my buddy Piano Wire Freddy. So in honor of this piece of American history, let’s take a look at why this movie is a part of all of our constantly bleeding and barely beating hearts. SPOILER: It’s the vomit.

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